System Mechanic 6 Professional Gets Under the Hood!

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System Mechanic 6 Professional Gets Under the Hood!

You all know the symptons -- your computer starts to seem a little sluggish, then you notice it definitely IS sluggish and apps seem to take longer and longer to load.

Well, that means it's time to tune up the computer system -- even if you have been diligent about cleaning out your Internet cache and other good maintenance habits.

I've just run System Mechanic Professional 6 on my PC and the difference is amazing!  Boot up time has been reduced, apps and docs open quickly, windows open and shut without the mouse turning into that dreaded "hour glass" icon.

Here's look at what my tune-up consisted of:

  • Security Optimizer Wizard finds dangerous Windows security flaws and automatically repairs them
  • Startup Optimizer decreases boot-time finds and eliminates dangerous and unnecessary programs, increasing productivity and security
  • Advanced Startup Manager reviews the more than 20 locations where programs hide to automatically start up with Windows. In coordination with Startup Guard technology to permanently block dangerous and unnecessary programs
  • Spython integrates new, proactive, “always-on” protection from spyware, malware, adware and unauthorized surveillance software
  • High-speed Disk Defragmentation Tool defragments hard drives up to twice as fast as previous System Mechanic versions and up to 10 times faster than the Windows defragmenter
  • Enhanced Registry optimization technology finds and fixes even more Registry problems that cripple systems (but it's a good idea to back up the Registry first)
  • Drive Medic finds and fixes hard drive problems before they can cause data loss or system failure

MSRP: Single user, $69.95; upgrade, $39.95; free 30-day trial.

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