COX Digital Telephone VoIP service

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COX Digital Telephone VoIP service

Johanne Torres and I were both just commenting on Cox's "VoIP" announcement today. It's called COX Digital Telephone, so both her and I wondered if it's truly VoIP or if it's voice-over-cable - a wholly different voice transport.
It was then that I came across Andy's blog where he too debated whether or not COX is using "true" voice over IP (VoIP) or using coax as the transport medium along with ATM & SONET.

As part of the announcement, Cox took a shot at the broadband telephony firms that transport voice traffic over the public Internet, saying that the method is susceptible to slowdowns. Andy commented on this FUD as well.

They also stated that Cox's VoIP traffic will flow over its private network for better QoS along with another advantage - broadband access is not a prerequisite for VoIP.

No broadband access required? Well broadband access (or dial-up) IS REQUIRED if you are doing anything over Internet Protocol (IP), including VoIP, hence, it seems to me Cox is leveraging how hot the term "VoIP" is these days when they made this annoucement. Thus, it seems to me this is digital telephone service and not true VoIP, which might explain the higher price-tag on Cox's offering vs. true VoIP plays from AT&T, Verizon, Vonage, Packet8, etc.

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