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Webshots launched a new tool being offered by Webshots--  The site lets users upload an unlimited number of photos of any size for free and without the need to register.  In addition to the hassle-free, no-registration photo hosting space, it also offers time-saving bulk upload of up to 10 photos at a time. Unlimited photo space? Sweet!

According to Webshots, "The service is intended to fill the need for fast, quick photo hosting to serve images to blogs, social networking sites, auction sites, and more.  Users wishing to archive their photos for future use, or to engage with one of the internet's most active photosharing communities will still have the option to register for a free account."

One drawback of not registering is that you lose the ability to organize your photos into albums. I'm not sure if offering "free" registration-free photo upload service will work without the ability to create albums. Photos are very personal, and people have a close affinity to their photo memories, so they want the ability to organize them. I really think most people are willing to take some time to register to have a useful online photo service that lets you organize your personal photos. I guess if you just want to dump some photos so you can quickly link to them and don't care about organizing them, then this free service is useful.

Anyway, here's the news sent to me by a CNet Public Relations person. Off topic - Since when did CNet start doing PR? I thought they were strictly a technology news site focused on consumer electronics, but expanding lately into telematics and even cars. (Update: Looks like they own Webshots, which is why they are representing them. So they aren't a true PR firm representing third-party clients.

Webshots Launches Free Unlimited Photo Uploads at

Serves image hosting needs of changing online landscape with proven reliability of one of the Internet's largest photo sharing infrastructures

SAN FRANCISCO, (May 23, 2006)— Webshots (, a leading photo-sharing community and a property of CNET Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq:CNET, today launched (, a service that provides free unlimited photo uploading and hosting without the need for registration. leverages the technology infrastructure of Webshots, one of the internet's largest photo sharing communities.

Digital camera users are increasingly seeing the value in hosting images online for free.  According to the Digital Image Marketing Association, the number of US households storing images online tripled between 2004 and 2005, with only one percent of digital camera owners paying a fee for hosting. 

Purpose-built for this changing Internet landscape, lets users upload up to 10 images at a time with no limits on size of photos, and automatically generates codes to display images that can be pasted into popular social networking, blog and auction sites. is designed for people seeking a quick, easy, one-click solution for hosting images.  Users interested in a more robust experience, including archiving photos for future use, have the option of registering for a free account.  Webshots members can save and categorize photos, as well as interact with more than 19 million unique users1 on one of the internet's most active photo sharing communities with tools such as message boards, tracking favorite users and more.

"Webshots understands the variable needs of photo uploaders and is providing as an answer to those seeking a tool for fast, easy, free uploads" said James Park, Director, Product Development, Webshots. "Users can enjoy a variety of services leveraging the strength of the Webshots infrastructure; from instant, free uploads at, to free member pages, album storage and networking tools with a free Webshots membership, to premium services."

Photos uploaded to will be subject to Webshots' industry-leading content standards and screening that prohibits nudity, obscene content and content that exploits children or minors.

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