Digital Cameras To Make You Slimmer

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Digital Cameras To Make You Slimmer

From the "Now, I've heard everything" pile, we have a report that HP (aka Hewlett-Packard) and Pentax are planning to release digital cameras with "slimming" feature that will make objects (guess what?) slimmer.

Yes, you have heard correctly.

Due to the miracle of editing capabilities, subjects will now appear slimmer -- so instead of dieting or other ways to keep food out of your mouth as well as increasing your aerobic output to "slim down," we can now just push a button, do a quick edit and look slimmer.

(But will we feel slimmer?)

And can you imagine the comments: "Can you please take that picture again? I'd like to look slimmer."

(And thanks to for the goofy image.)

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