Epson StoryTeller: Picture Perfect Photo Books

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Epson StoryTeller: Picture Perfect Photo Books

So many photos!  In shoe boxes, cigar boxes, you name it. What to do?

Now, Epson (better known for its fine printers) has come out with its StoryTeller Photo Book Creator, everything you need to make your own photo book! (And I’m talking hard cover, bound 8” x 10” book with up to 20 glossy pages.)

StoryTeller is an all-inclusive kit with everything you need to turn your digital photos into a beautiful, hard-bound glossy photo book for friends and family to enjoy. And, it can be printed and assembled right at home.

With not too much work you can create durable, pre-bound book, along with a glossy book cover, with easy-to-use software that lets you select, enhance and place up to 400 photos. 

Professionally designed templates let you lay out pages on your computer. There are six different book styles, each with 10 page layouts for a total of 60 unique page layouts, plus 18 cover selections. Then, you can add your own captions and titles to tell the story behind your pictures. There's a memory behind every shot, and with StoryTeller, you can celebrate and relive these memories like never before. (Nice gift idea, too.)

Prices start at $19.99, with a $20 rebate, on the Epson web site. Three sizes are available.

 Gutenberg never had it this easy!

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