Free Those Trapped Cell Phone Photos!

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Free Those Trapped Cell Phone Photos!

samsung 32876795-2-200-0.gifGetting your great candid pictures off your camera phone is no easy matter -- it should be so simple!

CNET gives us a couple of ways to do it. One of them has got to work!

The least labor-intensive way to rescue your pictures from being trapped on your phone is to send them to an e-mail address in a multimedia message. But as you know, this costs money, so you'll be pleased to hear there are alternatives.

If your phone accepts a memory card, you can save your pictures to the card, then use the card to transfer the images. Most cell phones use smaller memory cards in a Micro SD or Mini SD card format, so if you don't have an adapter, the cards won't fit in most readers.

If you don't have a memory card slot, you can use Bluetooth or an infrared port to send shots to another capable device. But be wary, because some carriers block some Bluetooth transfers on its phones.

Still another method is to use a USB cable that connects your cell phone with your computer. Not all phones have USB capability, so check to see if yours does. Also, USB transfers on some phones require software from the carrier or the manufacturer.

If your phone doesn't come with any of the features, don't despair, as you're not out of luck. A final method is to invest in cell phone-syncing software. Although these products require an initial investment, it's not an ongoing one, and you'll be able to not only transfer photos but also sync your calendar, your contacts list, and your messages.

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