How about a 9-Megapixel Camera Phone?

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How about a 9-Megapixel Camera Phone?

GermanphotokinaThumb.jpg-based Digital Imaging Systems (DIS)  has introduced a camera module for cell phones that for the first time includes 9-megapixel technology.

(Remember when 1 MP was a lot?)

The module delivers image data with a max resolution of 3488 x 2616 pixels through either a parallel interface or optional MIPI interface. Full production is scheduled to begin later in the year.

The unit also contains an array of advanced photographic features, according to the DIS. These include auto-focus, high quality lenses, mechanical shutter and ND-filter with integrated actuators and an easy-to- access platform software, enabling high-end digital still camera quality in mobile phones.

The announcement was made at Photokina, the huge European trade show.

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