FreePBX Acquiring Major Developer Talent

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FreePBX Acquiring Major Developer Talent

The FreePBX and Schmooze Communications team have been on a tear, acquiring some legendary FreePBX and Asterisk talent! Derek Peloquin, joined Schmooze in August taking with him his nearly 8 years of experience with the Asterisk Project and Community. In his previous role as Senior Technical Trainer at Digium Inc, Derek provided Instructor Led Training and seminars as well as developing classroom curriculum, certification exams and online training videos.

Also in August, Jason Parker joined the FreePBX/Schmooze team. Jason is a former Asterisk developer at Digium and was responsible for leading the creation and maintenance of the FreePBX-based distro AsteriskNOW. Jason also known as “Qwell” on IRC has given presentations at Asterisk events such as AstriCon where I even took some video of his 2011 AstriCon speaking engagement.

Now if these two big names in the Asterisk/FreePBX space weren't big enough, Rob Thomas, the former lead developer & project manager of FreePBX is a FreePBX legend and has returned! “Rob left the project 6 years ago to pursue other exciting projects at a time when FreePBX had no revenue model to sustain his full time involvement” said Philippe Lindheimer, FreePBX Project Lead. Rob is joining the FreePBX/Schmooze team. FreePBX is certainly on the move and becoming an even more popular phone system, so congrats to the FreePBX/Schmooze Comm team for acquiring some well-known and respected talent.

Let's see all 3 side-by-side... From left-to-right: Jason Parker, Derek Peloquin, and Rob Thomas: (Rob, you need to cartoonize your picture! smiley-laughing)

Get the full scoop via the FreePBX blog.

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