A Gadget-Centric New Year's Resolution

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A Gadget-Centric New Year's Resolution

It's an annual event -- the making of New Year's Resolutions.  But rather than look at the typical tried and true resolutions -- lose weight, exercise more, yada, yada, yada -- why not make "Gadgets"-centric resolutions this year?

 How about these:

  • Purchase gadgets that I know I will use to their fullest
  • Learn more about the capabilities and features of gadgets I already own
  • Give away or donate gadgets that I no longer use (old cell phones, cassette players, turntables, radios, watches, organizers -- you know what's in your closet, attic, basement and garage) so that those less fortunate can benefit from all of this wonderful technology that we can sometimes take for granted

Does anybody have any to add?

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