An Early Peak at 'Black Friday' Ads

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An Early Peak at 'Black Friday' Ads

In gadget-land, as in all of retailing, Black Friday is one heck of a day -- it's the day after Thanksgiving that signals the "official" start of the holiday shopping season.

(Although retailers like Wal-mart are already pushing the envelope with sale prices that used to be reserved for that special time only ...)

Black Friday is also the day that retailers love to fill their stores early -- why else would there be 5:00 AM specials on that day for early birds (and those that haven't gone to sleep yet)?

For those of us who can't wait for the nice four-color printed flyers ("circulars") to show up in our mail box or paper and instead want a sneak peek at those ads, a number of web sites, like Black Friday 2006, have sprung up.

And after looking at those ads, let me tell you, some of those prices are "In-saaaane" like our boy Crazy Eddy used to say.

(Thanks to the Crazy Eddy Insane Tribute Page! for the photo at top.)

The music for the day? How about Steely Dan's "Black Friday?"

Oh and if you're looking for some Black Friday deals on Amazon, check this out!


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