Battery-free Wireless Mouse

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Battery-free Wireless Mouse

Remember my Wireless Power post where I discussed a technology that powers your PDA, cellphone, etc. all from a pad? Here's a picture of it again:

Well I was checking out ThinkGeek and I came across a battery-free wireless mouse. As a wireless mouse user myself, it sure is annoying and expensive to have to replace the batteries every few months, so this product will be making my "Wish list".




Batteries Be Gone!

With this Battery Free Wireless Optical Mouse, you can not only free your mouse from world of cords, but you can free your wallet from the expense of batteries. The BFWO Mouse gets all the energy it needs from the USB mouse pad. And, since it doesn't have batteries, the mouse is extremely light, which equals less hand strain and faster targeting for your favorite FPS!

The BFWO Mouse uses the latest in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to prevent signal interference. In fact, up to 100 BFWO Mice can run in the same room without any interference. But, there's more! Three programmable buttons let you customize your mouse with over 54 assignable commands. So, not only can 100 mice be running in the same room, but they can all have different configurations. Now that's one super mouse – one might even call it “mighty!”

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