Creative Fatal1ty 2020 Mouse

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Creative Fatal1ty 2020 Mouse

Creative today announced the Fatal1ty 2020 and the Fatal1ty 1010 Mouse (mice). Does Fatal1ty look familiar? If you're a hardcore gamer, it should. The gaming mouse was co-developed for competitive PC gaming with professional gamer Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, considered to be the "premiere" and most well-known professional gamer. The Creative Fatal1ty 2020 Mouse will be available in early 2006 for an estimated street price of $69.99. The Fatal1ty 1010 Mouse for casual gamers, featuring a 1600 CPI HD-Optix Engine in early 2006 for an estimated street price of US$49.99. Both mice (mouses?) will be demonstrated from Thursday, January 5 through Sunday, January 8 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. Pretty amazing that a professional gamer is now getting "product endorsements". I knew I should have ignored my parents when they said "Stop playing video games and go outside and do something." I coulda been a contender. ;)

In any event, the Creative Fatal1ty 1010 and 2020 Mouse were both designed with every last detail scrutinized by the world's top FPS (First Person Shooter) gamer, Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel. According to Creative, the G-Weight modular weight system is the ultimate way to customize your gaming experience on the fly. "The high definition HD-Optix engine enables deadly accuracy in any game. RapidRes with visual resolution indicator takes full advantage of HD-Optix power, letting you switch instantly between optical resolutions (400/800/1600 CPI)," said Creative. The SpeedWire cable enables the fastest connection possible to your PC ensuring every move and motion is executed flawlessly.

"With the Fatal1ty 2020 Mouse, I hope to help gamers fulfill their dreams of competing at the professional level. But if they think they can beat me, they should know that I'll be using this mouse too," said Johnathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel. "I had a vision of a mouse designed specifically for gaming, with every feature I would need to compete at the highest level. The Fatal1ty 2020 Mouse, which I designed with Creative, realizes my vision and provides me the edge I need as a champion."

Here are some highlighted features:

- Built in collaboration with Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel

- Direct feedback and input into product design from the world's best FPS (First Person Shooter) gamer. G-Weight modular weight system

- Customizes the weight of the mouse for a competitive advantage. 3 weights included. Light/Medium/Heavy calibers. RapidRes one-click resolution switching with visual indicator Switch between 400/800/1600 cpi while gaming with a visual indicator on the mouse to indicate which resolution the mouse is operating in.

- 1600 cpi HD-Optix high definition optical engine

- Outstanding movement and motion tracking for the deadliest precision possible.

- TrueGrip technology with quick firing buttons

- Controls the mouse with quick firing of the three primary buttons for precise control and better accuracy.

- Genuine Teflon gaming mouse feet

- For the smoothest possible motion across mousing surfaces.

- SpeedWire high performance gaming connection

- Combines the blistering speeds of USB 2.0 with zero oxygen copper cabling and a gold plated USB connector for the fastest connection possible to your PC.

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