David Pogue Has Done It Again

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David Pogue Has Done It Again

It's a trifecta for David Pogue, who writes the weekly "Circuits" technology e-newsletter  and a column for The New York Times! (Every Thursday).

This week's column, "How to Survive a Tech Support Call" is a funny (pathetic, but funny) column about dealing with tech support (in this case specifically Dell).

The two previous columns -- "Where Hard Drives Go When They Die" and "The Fight Against Hard-to-Open Packaging" -- are also brilliant, but in different ways.  The first is a look at a company that salvages data off of dead computer drives (with some celebrity clients -- Keith Richards to Gerald Ford), while the second looks a thorny problem we all come to face when dealing with gadgets -- the plastic packaging that entombs them can be next to impossible to open.

His column is always worth a look and a read.

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