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Digital Cameras offers registration free photo upload

May 23, 2006

Webshots launched a new tool being offered by Webshots--  The site lets users upload an unlimited number of photos of any size for free and without the need to register.  In addition to the hassle-free, no-registration photo hosting space, it also offers time-saving bulk upload of up to 10 photos at a time. Unlimited photo space?

Windows Live LifeCams HD Cameras

May 12, 2006

Microsoft will soon rollout Windows Live LifeCams, their new High Definition (HD) set of webcams. This series of web cameras will feature high definition still shots on all models and high definition video on some. They will also include software called "LifeCam Dashboard."

There are two models of the LifeCams slated for release this summer, with two more to follow in Fall '06.

- 640x480 resolution video
- WL Messenger integration
- "Exclusive Call Button"
- One touch Spaces blogging
- HD Stills: 1.3 megapixels
- Universal mounting device
- On the fly video effects
- Pan/Zoom/Tilt capabilities
- Automatic face tracking
- Built-in microphone

Estimated cost: $49.95 USD

The VX-3000 is the low-end cam that still offers HD pictures.

- HD Stills: 5.0 MP
- HD Video: 1.3 MP
- Wide angle lens
- 3x Digital Zoom
- Plus all of the features of the VX-3000

Estimated cost: $99.95 USD

The VX-6000 is the high-end desktop webcam featuring 1.3MP HD Video.

A Snapfish Mother’s Day Card

May 2, 2006

Mossberg's Buying a Digital Camera Guide: All You Need

April 19, 2006

Sony offers Camcorder Trade-Up Program

April 12, 2006

Sony announced a camcorder trade-up program.  According to Sony, "You can trade in that old camcorder, help the environment, and receive Sony credit. Use the credit for a brand new Sony camcorder purchased online at They have an online estimator to get your estimated trade-up value.

A Really Useful Digital Camera Evaluation Guide

March 1, 2006

With the annual shindig for camera dealers, Photo Marketing Association (PMA) trade show, wrapping up in Orlando today, what could be more fitting than a really useful guide to evaluating digital cameras?

When I worked on Fujifilm's digital cameras (and Ricoh and Sony earlier), pixel count was king -- the more megapixels the better. It was sort of an arms race, but with a much less world-threatening outcome. Another rating system was the tried-and-true star system -- you know, five is great, one is awful, in between is in between ...

Can' t we do any better and get some kind of guide that would be much more detailed so that camera buyers would know what they're getting for the money?

A Gadget Makes the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

February 14, 2006

Epson StoryTeller: Picture Perfect Photo Books

February 1, 2006

So many photos!  In shoe boxes, cigar boxes, you name it. What to do?

Now, Epson (better known for its fine printers) has come out with its StoryTeller Photo Book Creator, everything you need to make your own photo book! (And I’m talking hard cover, bound 8” x 10” book with up to 20 glossy pages.)

Getting the (Mobile) Edge for Your Digital Photos

January 31, 2006

If you’re like me, you’ve got digital photos stored on all sorts of media – Compact Flash, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Secure Digital and Smart Media. Getting all of those out of a digital camera and onto a PC just isn’t that easy.

Now, with Mobile Edge’s 12-in-1 USB 2.0 Card Reader/Writer, you can read and write to 12 different media – all of those I’ve already mentioned as well as Multi-Media and IBM Micro Drive.

Paint Shop Pro Keeps Getting Better and Better

January 25, 2006

While I've always been a fan of Adobe's PhotoShop, it just seems that I've been using Paint Shop Pro more and more to edit, enhance and repair my digital photos.

With Paint Shop Pro 9 (a newer version -- X -- is out now), you can cover up elements -- even backgrounds -- you don't want in your photos (perfect when you don't have time to make sure you see the full frame when you need to get a fast shot off), eliminate the colored glow that can appear in high contrast areas, correct dark shadows and bright backlight as well as add cool effects, like vignettes or halftones, to photos. This has all been pretty easy with 9, but apparently X makes it even easier.

Corel is now offering a special offer with orders for Paint Shop Pro X -- a free copy of Paint Shop Xtras — Creative Editions. This package extends the creative power of Paint Shop Pro with more than 600 artistic resources to choose from you, including 250 Picture Tubes and Frames.

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