Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage Finder System Review

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Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage Finder System Review

You hover over the baggage claim area and claim a good spot close to the carousel door. You wait for your luggage to arrive - popping out through the conveyor belt doors - as your stress hormones and heart rate skyrocket with each passing moment you don't see your bag. Did my luggage make it? Is it still in good shape? You stare impatiently, eyes locked like a laser beam looking for your luggage. No one will be walking away with your precious bag, whether by mistake or intentional.

But why worry? Why the stress, man? Naftali, Inc.'s Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage Finder System and the L.E.D. IT BE Easy2Pick Luggage Finder have got your back. I was sent one of each for review, which I tested on my trip to ITEXPO.

easy2pick-wireless-luggage-finder-system2.jpgThe Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage Finder System has two parts - a luggage tag (transmitter) and a remote receiver you can attach to your keychain. It beeps and flashes a red light when the specified bag is within 100 feet. The L.E.D. IT BE Easy2Pick Luggage Finder on the other hand uses 4 LED lights that flash only after your luggage has arrived. I'm told the device is approved by TSA because it turns off once in flight. The flashing LED tag has a built in photo electric sensor that senses when it is in the cargo of the plane. It measures factors such as light, altitude & noise. With the 4 LEDs which can independently be enabled/disabled you get up to 16 different combinations of colors, which allows you to set the color of flashes that you prefer.

I attached both luggage tags to a single bag on my flight from New York to Los Angeles, California. I enabled all the LEDs on the L.E.D. IT BE device and moved it to the 'On' position which caused all LEDs to light up. Obviously, you can't keep it flashing like that, so next I slid the slider switch to 'D' (D=Depart) on the tag, which turned off the LEDs, while "quietly" waiting for the right conditions to turn the LEDs back on.

For the Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage Finder System all I had to do was turn it the luggage tag on. It automatically senses when it is dark and automatically stops transmitting. I tested this by putting the luggage tag inside my suitcase and then turning on the keychain receiver. It didn't beep. Then I opened my suitcase to the light and immediately the keychain device started beeping.

When I arrived in Los Angeles, I stood with everyone else waiting for their bags by the carousel. Confident with two special luggage tags I wouldn't lose sight of my bag, I eagerly waited for the keychain to beep followed by sight of 4 blaring LEDs. But alas, I saw my bag come out of the carousel doors and my keychain device didn't beep and the LEDs were still off. What happened? Cry

I grabbed my bag and inspected the two luggage tags. To my surprise, both luggage tags were turned to their off position. By chance, it's possible another bag could have bumped the slider button, but not both slider buttons. Also, they're pretty stiff buttons and they're recessed as to not allow accidental moving of the slider position. So I deduced a TSA baggage handler much have seen the four blaring colored LEDs, checked out my bag, and turned off the L.E.D. IT BE device. Then being a 'diligent' TSA baggage handler, he/she must have noticed the 2nd tag (Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage Finder) with clearly marked On & Off text on it and moved that to the Off position as well.

So on my return trip, I decided to only turn on 1 LED. Figured maybe it wouldn't be as "blaring" resulting in a TSA handler noticing and turning it off.

Well, I was wrong. They turned it off again. Fortunately, this time, the Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage Finder luggage tag did work. Laughing

So I was 1 for 2.

For the L.E.D. IT BE Easy2Pick Luggage Finder I suggest a 2nd button with a "secret" off setting. Basically, it would require you to hold this 2nd button down when switching to the original slider switch to the Off position. If the TSA baggage handler does just slide the original switch to the Off position WITHOUT holding the other button down, the LEDs will turn off for 30s and then they'll turn back on, even though the original slider is in the Off position. Hopefully by then the luggage is on the conveyor belt.

Until they add that feature, I can't really recommend the L.E.D. IT BE Easy2Pick Luggage Finder, but maybe I just had bad luck. It retails for only $11.95, so doesn't cost a lot to give this product a go. Maybe you'll have better success than I did.

As for the Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage Finder System, I really like it. It's much stealthier than the the L.E.D. IT BE Easy2Pick Luggage Finder and lets you know your bag is within 100 feet. The device’s battery is good for up to 100 hours and can be changed. Luggage isn't the device's only application. You could use it to track objects like mobile phones, vehicles, or your keys. Just attach your luggage tag to any object.

The suggested MSRP for Easy2Pick is $24.95 for one tag and is available on Amazon.

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