Electromagnetic fields (EMF) affect your positive Chi man!

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Electromagnetic fields (EMF) affect your positive Chi man!

With so many gadgets and electronics, this site wonders, "Are you exposed to computers, TV, mobile phone, microwave oven and other electronic appliances everyday? In today's lifestyle, you are exposed to man-made electromagnetic fields. The growing demands of ever-changing technologies and changes in social behavior have created more negative electromagnetic fields around you.Electromagnetic fields (EMF) above certain levels can trigger biological effects!"

The site goes onto explain that electromagnetic field sources have become the focus of health concerns and building mass hysteria by exclaiming, "Electromagnetic fields (EMF) is everywhere!" (nevermind the poor grammar).

But never fear, these crackpots have the EMF blocking solution for you!

'Chi' WaveGuard is a health-protector that contains 'chi' technology material. It is the result of a state-of-the-art bio-wave technology that was developed in Japan. Positive 'chi' energy released by 'Chi' WaveGuard neutralizes the negative effect of electromagnetic fields radiated from electronic appliances. 'Chi' WaveGuard will help to reduce stress, fatigue, headaches and emotional uneasiness caused from using electronic appliances.

Well, alrighty then. I best get my Chi in order and do some feng shui in my home while I'm at it. Maybe I'll light some spiritual incense candles, break out the Ouija board and ask the ectoplasma ghosts to protect me from EMF fields.

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