Gadgets: A Blessing and a Curse

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Gadgets: A Blessing and a Curse

I was fascinated by this Gadgets: A blessing and a curse article and I could totally relate. While technology was intended to make life easier it has, in some ways, made our lives more complex. Basically, this article discusses how Blackberries, SmartPhones, PDAs, etc. have made us "too connected" which has caused work to spill over into "personal" time. Indeed, how many of us have heard from our spouse, "Shut that damn <insert gadget name here> off! You spend way too much time on that <insert gadget name here>". Balancing work and home life and keeping the two separate has indeed become trickier with mobile technology.

Go check out the article and if you are a technology addict, tell me whether technology & gadgets have been more of a blessing or curse for you in the Comments section.

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