Get A (Digital)Life: Yes, Next Week I Will

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Get A (Digital)Life: Yes, Next Week I Will

Celebrating all things digital, more than 40 companies will showcase the latest HD-DVDs, high-performance gaming devices, digital cameras, movie download services, ultimate mobile workstations, iPod accessories, universal remote controls and digital music keyboards at DigitalLife in New York at the Javits Center from October 12-15. (Love this show.)

Next week, we will be able to take a sneak peak at some of the products that will be shown in the fall. Participating companies include Alienware, Altec Lansing, HP, Humax USA, ITVN, Kodak, Logitech, Pepper Computer, Seagate, Toshiba, United Online, Vongo, WowWee, Zone Labs and many more.

Should have some interesting new gadgets to blog about after that in the weeks ahead.

It's a great show to attend if you're in NYC (or planning to travel to the Big Apple) in the fall.

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