Get Mom a Gadget for Gadget (I Mean Mother's) Day

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Get Mom a Gadget for Gadget (I Mean Mother's) Day

What better gift for the mom who has everything on Mother's Day than a gadget?  (Bet she doesn't have too many of those ...) BTW, it's this coming Sunday in case you didn't know the date ...

Sure she has a cell phone, but how about a pink Motorola phone? (Don't like pink or think it's too stereotyped? Then get her a black phone or silver or ...)

How about a digital camera? (Has one already? But how many megapixels is it and how big is the LED on the back so she can see what she's taking?)

How about a notebook computer, desktop computer, PDA ...?

Or how about an iPod? (Bet she would like one of those ...) She might even like a different MP3 player ...

Well, whatever you decide, let me know ...


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