GotVoice consolidates all your voicemail accounts

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GotVoice consolidates all your voicemail accounts

Someone passed a tip on a company called GotVoice that allow users to retrieve their voicemail from any source, residential, office or mobile phone, consolidate them to a single voicemail account, and then access it within their email or on our web page. According to GotVoice, "Multiple accounts - corporate voicemail, cellular voicemail, residential voicemail, even home answering machines - can all be consolidated into a single voicemail box, forwarded from one voice mailbox to another, or forwarded into an email account." It's an interesting concept. It is a bit tedious to have to have to check your cellphone voicemail, your work voicemail, and even your home voicemail/answering machine periodically.

I'm not sure exactly how this product works, but a quote from their website states, "GotVoice's patent pending technology is based on the concept of software agents called "voice recognition robots." These software robots can be trained to interact in real-time with any voice-response system to provide web-based management of existing voicemail accounts."

I read this to mean their software will traverse any IVR/auto-attendant by passing along the appropriate DTMF/touch-tones to get to your voicemail box, including the DTMF digits for your voicemail password. Thus, I would assume you would need to give GotVoice your voicemail password(s) to your various voicemail accounts (cell phone, work, etc.) There are definitely many that will be unwilling to "trust" a third-party with knowing their voicemail password.

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