Handwriting Recognition Keyboard - Cool!

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Handwriting Recognition Keyboard - Cool!

A1Pro Handwriting recognition keyboard
Windows Tablet PCs already have handwriting recognition software, but alas our poor mortals with Windows XP or Windows Vista are forced to continue pecking away at our carpal-tunnel inducing keyboards.  Well, today I learned that A1Pro has a cool new USB keyboard that combines... uhhh well a keyboard of course, along with a touch-screen pad for handwriting in your text data entry. Or at least I think it does handwriting recognition. The specs are a little vague on the DealExtreme website, and the text on the box says in what appears to be very poor English - "Handwritten identify the system". Huh?

This could mean handwriting recognition or it could simply be a security system similar to biometric fingerprint readers that let you quickly logon to laptops/PCs. In theory, this touch-screen pad asks you to enter in a password or type a few keystrokes and it recognizes your handwriting style. Though I'm not sure how accurate determining who the author is of handwriting is. Heck, I can't even read my own writing so how can I expect this keyboard to know it's me?

p.s. The box also butchers the English language when it says "Multimedia super and thin keyboard". I think they meant "Super multimedia features and thin keyboard".

A1Pro Handwriting recognition keyboard A1Pro Handwriting recognition keyboard

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