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HDTV Repeater

HDTV fans rejoice - for a HDTV repeater & amplifier is now available! It's a new component for extending high-definition video signals in offices and other commercial environments. Liberty DigitaLinxLiberty Wire & Cable's new DigitaLinx™ is a new digital solution for AV professionals. Both a device and an interconnection system, DigitaLinx is designed to route and extend Digital Video Interface (DVI) and High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) signals in commercial installations.
Each DigitaLinx kit is a complete package that can route signals from 2 meters to 328 meters utilizing repeaters, splitters, media converters and specially designed 19-pin digital DIN connectors.

The interconnect choices easily fit into 1-inch conduit, and are available with plenum and non-plenum ratings. Using the correct interconnects allows the distribution of 1080p progressive video in a wide variety of in-wall and commercial applications.

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