HP iPAQ hw6500 GPS solution

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HP iPAQ hw6500 GPS solution

NAVTEQ maps are being used to Power HP iPAQ hw6500 Mobile Messenger Navigation System? Since when did HP offer their own navigation software? I wonder if the HP GPS software is simply OEM'ed from a GPS software company. Nevertheless, pretty cool that you can get the superior NAVTECH map data on the HP iPAQ hw6500 Mobile Messenger. I'm thinking about getting a hw6500 to replace my antiquated PocketPC and antiquated cellphone.

Here's the news on it:

NAVTEQ (NYSE: NVT), a leading global provider of digital map data for vehicle navigation and location-based solutions, today announced that its expansive digital map data for North America will be available in the new HP iPAQ hw6500 series Mobile Messenger.

With NAVTEQ premium data 'giving it direction', HP's iPAQ hw6500 Mobile Messenger with integrated GPS receiver(1) offers users route guidance nationwide from one destination to another.

Easy to install, NAVTEQ maps drive the iPAQ Mobile Messenger's navigation solution that features:
-- Graphic, text, and voice-prompted address-to-address, turn-by-turn directions
-- Dynamic route guidance making automatic re-routing possible
-- Detailed street maps including important road network information such as one-way streets, turn restrictions, and speed categories
-- Millions of convenient points of interest covering approximately 50 categories such as local ATMs, gas stations, parking and restaurants

The solution brings together HP's powerful technology and NAVTEQ maps to create a totally portable, totally wireless(2), GPS enabled(1), handheld navigation device.

"Location-ready devices have evolved to meet the demands of an increasingly obile society. The GPS receiver(1) built into the HP iPAQ Mobile Messenger directly addresses the location-sensitive needs of the mobile customer.As a leader in the industry, NAVTEQ offers the high-quality map data necessary to build a mobile navigation system with optimal utility and flexibility.We are excited to see our maps enable HP's new iPAQ Mobile Messenger series," commented Winston Guillory, Senior Vice President - North American Sales, NAVTEQ.

"HP has made significant enhancements to our newest iPAQ, making it an ideal choice for running business and consumer applications beyond email," said John Brandewie, acting director of product marketing, Handheld Division, HP."As handheld devices continue to evolve and HP looks to expand its ability to meet differing customer needs, HP is excited to work with NAVTEQ to deliver a ynamic navigation and location-based solution."

NAVTEQ Maps will be available in the HP iPAQ hw6500 Mobile Messenger in North America.For more information, visit http://www.navteq.com or visit the HP Mobility Solutions Evaluation Center at http://www.hp.com/go/mobile-evaluation .

NAVTEQ is a leading provider of comprehensive digital map information for automotive navigation systems, mobile navigation devices, Internet-based mapping applications, and government and business solutions. NAVTEQ creates the digital maps and map content that power navigation and location-based services solutions around the world. The Chicago-based company was founded in 1985 and has approximately 1,600 employees located in 122 offices in 21 countries.

(1) In order to perform GPS navigation, a software application and maps must be purchased separately at http://www.hp.com/go/gpsnavigation .

(2) A standard GSM/GPRS/EDGE infrastructure, other Bluetooth-enabled devices, separately purchased equipment, and a service contract with a wireless airtime provider may be required for applicable wireless communication. GSM/GPRS/EDGE Wireless Internet access requires separately purchased Internet service contract. Check with service provider for availability and coverage in your area. Not all web content available. GPRS/EDGE may not be available in all networks. GPRS/EDGE data transmission speeds may vary based upon network capabilities and other conditions. Establishment and continuation of a GPRS/EDGE connection depends on network availability, provider support and signal strength.

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