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Motorola MPx-Cell phone, PDA, MP3 Player, Camera, all-in-one

July 15, 2004

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The Motorola MPx is one sweet device! I say device, because it can't be classified in one category, although "cell phone" category is the most critical feature. I guess "smart phone" device is the most applicable.

In any event, this smart phone features a large dual-hinge landscape and portrait color display (2.8” 240x320 TFT touch screen) with a built-in 1.2 megapixel camera, Windows Mobile software (PocketPC apps), a QWERTY keyboard, and continuous connectivity using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology.

PCTEL WiFi Seeker review

July 13, 2004

PCTEL’S WiFi Seeker

I love Wi-Fi. I know have serious problems when I can be walking in a mall, down a street, a hotel lobby, an airport terminal, or in a store and wonder to myself “Hmmm, I wonder if I can get a WiFi connection here?” I could of course attempt to boot-up my laptop only to be crushed by lack of any WiFi signals. I reviewed Kensington’s WiFi Finder and SmartID WiFi Detector products in the past. Kensington’s WiFi Finder was terrible, it just plain did not work well if at all. The SmartID WiFi Detector wasn’t too bad, it detected WiFi signals quite accurately, but I wished it were more portable so I could stick it on my keychain.

Windows CE lab

June 28, 2004

Streaming TV to PocketPC

April 28, 2004

Shhh, don't tell my boss, but I've always wanted the ability to stream live TV on my work desktop PC. You know for those times when the Yankees are playing the Red Sox in a day game on a work day, or there's a daytime NCAA game going on? Using ESPN's GameCast feature just isn't the same.

There are some sites that stream live TV for free,but you're limited to the channel that they stream.

Cellphone GPS traffic monitoring

April 23, 2004

Zipdash - Mobile Map and Traffic App

In a recent blog entry, I talked about my desire to "integrate" GPS with tracking technology to be able to determine traffic speeds and re-route accordingly.

Well, who knew that just a few days later I would be watching TechTV and they would demonstrate a product that is very close to what I was looking for!

A company called ZipDash works with NexTel phones (with GPS option) and displays a map on the Nextel phone with color coded arrows to indicate the traffic speed (green, yellow, red). (I believe it's a Java app on the phone)

I mentioned in my blog that my "theoretical idea" of a P2P GPS traffic monitoring model would require users to have to "opt in" in order to receive traffic reports.

Keyspan USB Server

April 21, 2004

Have you ever been frustrated by plugging and unplugging USB devices from your measly 2 USB ports (typically most PCs only come with 2 ports) I know I have constantly had to plug/unplug a USB printer, Canon PowerShot G3 digital camera, iPaq sync cradle, Plantronics USB headset, Intel videocamera, and more from my PC. I thought about buying a USB hub to add more ports, but I guess I'm just too damn cheap.

Actually I just couldn't justify spending the money on USB hub just due to the "laziness factor" of having to plug/unplug USB devices.

I did wish I could "share" my USB peripheral devices on the network so that my network of PCs (home & work) could share the USB devices without having to move them.

I hate traffic! GPS to the rescue?

April 19, 2004

I hate traffic. No, let me rephrase that. I HATE traffic! Connecticut's I-95 corridor from Bridgeport to Greenwich is ranked as having traffic in the nation. I know for a fact that commuting on I-95 has knocked off at least 5 years of my lifetime - not to mention the years I have sat idling in standstill traffic, wasting gallons of fossil fuel, polluting the environment, and the increased blood pressure incurred by cursing that guy who just cut me off just to advance 3 car spaces in 5 mph traffic

You know what I hate even worse?

GPS Wish List

April 12, 2004

In my last blog entry, I mentioned I would discuss a GPS wishlist. First a backgrounder. I had to disable my Mitsubishi 3000GT's after-market alarm system (with an engine cut off switch) because both remote controls died.

One died because it got wet (fell in a lake) and the other just died for no reason.

GPS Navigation Rules!

April 9, 2004

I'm a huge fan of GPS. I've got a Compaq iPaq PocketPC mounted to my windshield using a suction cub device connected to a Destinator GPS antenna ( and running Destinator 3.0 GPS software/maps. They license the same maps used by Mapquest from a company called NavTech. So whether you've cursed Mapquest for improper directions or thanked the Almighty for the convenience of Mapquest, will determine how accurate you think Destinator's maps are. Actually, in my opinion, the Destinator maps are quite good and they include POIs (Points of Interest) categories that include gas, restaurants, casinos, shopping, airports, and more.

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