Iomega 120 GB Portable Hard Drive

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Iomega 120 GB Portable Hard Drive

Iomega today announced the expansion its popular small hard drive product lineup with a 120GB model of the Iomega Portable Hard Drive, an ultra-slim high-capacity device that is also available in capacities of 40GB, 60GB, 80GB and 100GB. The Iomega Portable Hard Drive series is designed for mobile professionals, is USB-powered and requires no external power supply. Portable hard drives complement USB flash memory which many professionals carry on their keychain, however USB flash memory storage is often smaller and sometimes more expensive than portable hard drives once you start getting above 2GB. The Iomega Portable Hard Drive series all have a sleek and compact form factor that is smaller than most PDAs and is certainly "pocketable" (fits in a shirt pocket). The 120GB version weighs a mere 5.76 ounces (163 grams).

The Iomega Portable Hard Drive is based on 2.5-inch hard disk technology, it is smaller and more energy-efficient than most other similar drives. The 4200-rpm drive has a rugged aluminum enclosure and features a USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed USB) interface for plug-and-play simplicity that is compatible with most Windows and Macintosh computers. A blue drive light signals disk activity, and an on/off switch allows laptop users to power down the device without disconnecting it. Each drive comes with a USB cable, supplementary power cord, and software suite CD that includes Iomega Automatic Backup (Mac), Iomega Automatic Backup Pro (PC), MUSICMATCH Jukebox music management software (PC and Mac) and Adobe Photoshop Album SE (PC) for digital photos.

The Iomega 120 GB Portable Hard Drive is now available for $279.95 at and other online retail sites, select retail locations and through the distribution and catalog channels. Other drive capacities available include 40GB ($119.95), 60GB ($149.95), 80GB ($179.95), and 100GB ($249.95). All prices are U.S. suggested retail.

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