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iPod Nation article

I'm a huge fan of iPod. I've been dreaming about getting one for two Christmas's. Unfortunately, Santa (my wife) didn't fill my stocking with an iPod. : ( (She did buy me some cool accessories for my Viper though.)

Of course, I could just go out and buy one myself, but I decided to blow my cash on a Viper upgrades instead. Tough call. (not really. Viper wins by 20 lengths).

In one month's Viper car payment I could of course own 2-3 iPods, but I've got other bills to pay, including a new house mortgage payment.

Every news story I read about the iPod just increases my excitement of owning one at the same time torturing my soul for not owning one.

I came across this story from MSNBC that talked about the "iPod Nation" - the cultural impact of the iPod and how it has become a status symbol. The article also mentions how the makers of the "Lord of the Rings" movies used iPods to shuttle dailies from the set to the studio. Very interesting stuff. Check it out.

One day I will own an iPod. One day...

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