Kenpo's Jacket for iPod

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Kenpo's Jacket for iPod

The ScotteVest "technology clothing" apparel has some competition from Kenpo which today launched they are shipping Kenpo's Jacket for iPod. The jacket employs "smart fabric" touch pad technology on the sleeve that includes a 5-button electronic control panel for use with the iPod and iPod mini models. Functions include Play, Pause, Track Forward, Track Back, and change the Volume Levels without ever removing their iPod from the specially designed, padded interior pocket. The discreetly placed 100% fabric interface utilizes touch-sensitive buttons that are identical to those found on the iPod. The jacket is machine washable, completely self-powered, and requires no batteries. Just make sure to remove the iPod from the jacket before you wash. ;) Oh and check out the funky commercial showing the jacket in action by clicking Play below.

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