Kids Using Gadgets at Earlier Ages: Any Surprises Here?

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Kids Using Gadgets at Earlier Ages: Any Surprises Here?

Not too surprised to see the recent CEA SmartBrief noting an article that appeared earlier this week in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (a fine newspaper).

Seems that according to a recent online study of parents, U.S. children start using such gadgets as video games, cellphones and portable music players by age 7 -- which is six months earlier than just a year ago.

While experts wonder if that is good in the long run, seems to me that kids are at gadgets at a much earlier age.

Take such very young child-friendly gadgets like LeapFrog's Leapster (pictured), which is targeted to three- to six-year olds, for example, not to mention even less sophisticated technology like Etch-A-Sketch.

If gadgets are technology and familiarity with technology is important to kids of all ages, then shouldn't kids be exposed to gadgets at a very early age?

To read what the experts are saying, check out the Journal-Constitution article at


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