Levitating Objects for your Desk

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Levitating Objects for your Desk

ifo 3000
Harry Potter would be proud to witness you levitating objects on your desk. Potter calls it magic, I call it a strong magnetic field producing equal magnetic forces in opposite directions causing metallic objects to be perfectly suspended in the center. Of course Harry would counter he uses magic to generate magnetic fields  (ala Magneto from X-Men) to move objects.

But whether you believe in magic, supernatural forces, magnetism, or all of the above, this is one cool little trinket to add to your desk, making you the envy of all your co-workers! You can purchase and float various objects in the IFO 3000, including a color changing night light, a picture frame, a globe, a mini cooper, or even an LCD Alarm Clock that displays the date and temperature. I assume you can also float your own metallic objects as long as they're not too heavy.

You pick up your magic magnetic levitating gadget here. And here's a levitating globe in action:

Credit: Chip Chick

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