Limit your kids video game play time with this gadget

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Limit your kids video game play time with this gadget

Worried if you even get your hands on the impossible-to-get XBox 360 for your kids this Christmas that your kids will spend way too much time playing video games? No worries, mate - just install this puppy. PlayLimit is a new gadget created with the sole purpose of driving kids crazy while giving parents a sick satisfaction at finally being able to control their kid's video game playing time. This is a timer device that connects between a TV and the video game player such as an XBox 360. In theory you can also connect it to a VCR or DVD player to limit your kid's movie watching endulgences. Kids must earn tokens given by their parents for being good little boys & girls. Then the kids simply insert tokens to get access time to the TV. The PlayLimit counts down, but before time runs out, it injects a warning into the video so the kids can save their game. When time is up, the "Out of Time" message blocks the TV screen and prevents you from viewing any other content.

You don't have to limit your kids time in our beanbag chairs, these beanbags come in all sizes. We even have kids beanbag chairs which have removeble covers to keep your beanbag clean.

The PlayLimit system includes 40 tokens. Each token allows 15 minutes of game playing or TV viewing. Unfortunately, the video inputs don't include HDTV connectors, only composite video, so you may even have to downgrade the video quality if your kids are already playing XBox/XBox 360 in HDTV. They'll certainly love that! :@

On their website they show a father and son both smiling and the kid is carrying a soccer ball, with the obvious implication that the kid is happy to stop playing video games and go outside to play ball. But I know what the kid is really thinking - "Dad, you just wait. You'll get yours. I know the cable box PIN to the Pay-Per-View porn channels. Wait till Mom sees the cable bill for 22 showings of Busty Babes at $3.95 each!" lol!

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