Logitech ViewPort AV 100

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Logitech ViewPort AV 100

Logitech ViewPort AV 100

Logitech ViewPort AV 100

Logitech's new ViewPort AV 100 includes a VGA video camera, integrated microphone with acoustic echo cancellation (which I found out today uses Global IP Sound) and a Bluetooth wireless headset, connected via USB. Logitech's ViewPort AV 100 seems squarely targetted at the business enterprise, as a video conferencing solution, which is new to Logitech since they are best known for their webcams targetted at home users. The specs include: VGA CCD sensor with 3x digital zoom, 50-degree field of view, 30 frames per second and near-CD quality sound, even over low bandwidth connections.

Other features of the Logitech ViewPort AV-100 include:

  • Automatic face-tracking — Viewers see you, not your office,
    even if you move around the room
  • Integrated Bluetooth® headset — Move around your desk and
    keep your hands free for writing or explaining:
    Audio range: 300Hz — 3.4 kHz
    Talk time: Up to 7 hours
  • Conference mode — Place the headset in the cradle and sound
    is automatically routed through your PC speakers
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation — For crystal-clear sound when
    using your PC speakers to listen to a call
  • Automatic video privacy shutter — Covers the camera lens
    when you need time to work
  • Adjustable height and tilt — Adjust the camera for optimum
    viewing position
  • ViewPort SDK — Create custom video calling applications
    with these standard call features, as well as many others, by using the Logitech
    ViewPort SDK (available as a separate
As I mentioned, this product uses Global IP Sound (GIPS). Global IP Sound announced today that Logitech, the world's leading manufacturer of webcams, has integrated GIPS Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) technology into the Logitech ViewPort AV 100, a high-quality audio and video device that serves as the foundation for a desktop video communications solution.

“Clearly, Logitech is a brand that business and home users recognize-and we are proud to be working with such an exceptional industry leader,” said Gary P. Hermansen, President and CEO of GIPS. “GIPS patented best-in-class Acoustic Echo Cancellation technology will make sure that Logitech's products continue to meet and exceed the sound quality that users have come to expect from them.”

GIPS AEC eliminates echo caused by acoustic feedback that can occur between any combination of microphones and speakers. This highly efficient, full-duplex speech processing software package cancels acoustic feedback without audible echo or clipping, providing an enhanced audio experience for the user.

“Logitech is committed to bringing to market state-of-the-art products, ranging from those aimed at consumers to those that meet the needs of enterprise-level and mobile computing professionals,” said Gina Clark, director of product marketing for Logitech's Video Business Unit. “The acoustic echo cancellation technology provided by GIPS for the ViewPort AV 100 is a critical component of that strategy.”

GIPS AEC delivers the highest possible voice quality with an adaptive filter, non-linear processor (NLP), comfort noise generator and control system. The module can handle both narrowband and wideband speech. GIPS AEC can be readily implemented on either digital signal processors (DSPs) or general purpose processors and conforms to International Telecommunications Union (ITU)-T G.167 requirements.

Global IP Sound offers a broad range of echo cancellation software, which includes GIPS Acoustic Echo Cancellation for softphone applications; GIPS AEC for IP Phones; GIPS NEC for IADs; and GIPS NEC for media gateways.

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