Mazda Sassou USB key

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Mazda Sassou USB key

According to ZDnet, USB (universal serial bus) will be part of its Sassou concept
car, a small hatchback aimed at the youth market. Sassou uses a USB "key" and interface port that will let drivers program and load files onto the car's hard drive.

Why not use WiMAX, 3G or WiFi for downloading/uploading files? Also, it's unclear from the article if this USB key is just for downloading files to the car's hard drive or if this USB key is also used to unlock your doors and for the ignition lock. If so, I suppose that's one less thing you have to attach to your keychain. My keychain already has more USB memory sticks, gadgets, knives, and other accessories than you can shack a stick at! The car will be unveiled at this month's Frankfurt Motor Show.

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