Microsoft Launches MSN Video Downloads

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Microsoft Launches MSN Video Downloads

While MSN Video Downloads - both paid and free content - is a cool idea, I still prefer to record shows I like on my Windows Media Center 2005 PC and then stream it using Orb Networks or just copy the media file to one of these portable media devices, such as the Creative Labs Zen Portable Media Center depicted below. But for those that don't have a MCE 2005 PC, downloading TV programs and paying for it (ala iTunes) might be a good solution for you.

If MSN Video Downloads starts offering "streaming" live TV programming, then that might be a killer app - especially if you're in a WiFi hotspot with no TV in sight and you want to watch the Duke Blue Devils and Mike Krzyzewski lose yet another NCAA game and not living up to the Cameron Crazies high expectations.Well, at least I would enjoy watching Duke lose over a streaming WiFi connection! Especially if it's another loss to UCONN in the NCAA tournament with the Blue Devils considered the heavy favorite!

It looks like the news about MSN Video Downloads being launched today has brought down the MSN Video Downloads website. I couldn't get to it. Yeah, Microsoft planned for the bandwidth utilization all right!.

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