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iPhone 3G Ready at 8 on Friday -- Will You Be?

July 8, 2008

Guitar Hero III on BlackBerry

July 7, 2008

truphone summer credit giveaway

July 1, 2008

Andy Abramson tipped me off to a new summer promotion by Truphone which now gives you 4X the inititial credit in your new account. Andy told me, "With the summer holiday season upon us, Truphone is giving away more credit to new users - meaning more free minutes and free SMS messages. New customers signing up for Truphone from Tuesday, July 1 to Monday, July 14 will get $8 credit in their account (instead of $2). This is a great gift just in time for the 4th of July holiday weekend just days away.

Need a Headset, Get a Ticket

June 30, 2008

Top Selling Mobile Phones for June

June 30, 2008

  According to Swedish case maker Krusell, the Top 10 selling mobile phones in June 2008 were:
1. (8) Apple iPhone
2. (5) HTC Diamond
3. (3) Nokia E51

Summer Camp & Gadgets: Let the Smuggling Begin

June 27, 2008

BlackBerry Bold Turns Shy -- Wait 'til August, Baby!

June 25, 2008

Looks like the much anticipated BlackBerry Bold is in "wait until August" mode on AT&T. 

The Boy Genius is in the know! Seems like AT&T and RIM are still having software issues with battery life and overheating.

Now that will make it a bit hard to wait with new mobile phones seeming to pop on the market practically everyday (well, maybe not quite that fast ...)

Can't wait for the day when you can switch mobile phones without being tethered to the mobile carrier -- but will miss those subsidies that turn really, really expensive phones into affordable (if still a bit pricy) must-have gadgets.

I wonder when this going to happen?

Let freedom ring!  (Doesn't that have an historical sound???)

Nokia N78 Comes to U.S.

June 24, 2008

Anybody in Sync with Ford's In-Car Connectivity?

June 20, 2008

I don't know about you, but before I left to go to the office today, I made sure I had my cell phone, laptop and BlackBerry, and on my way here, I programmed my navigation system for directions, switched between listening to CDs and traffic reports on the radio and checked my cell phone for voice mail.  Sound familiar?

It's amazing how connected we are today.  It's changed the way we live - and will continue to change the way we live -- at home and on the go.

We live in an age where devices are everywhere.  We have more ways to communicate and be entertained than ever before - PCs, cell phones, BlackBerrys, digital music players, CD and DVD players, terrestrial radio, HD radio, satellite radio, text messaging, voice recognition, ring tones, video games, navigation systems, e-mail, TiVO, Wi-Fi - and I'm sure I missed a few.

This convergence of factors - digital music players, broadband, voice recognition and everything else - is now dramatically changing our experience as drivers while at the same time it has already changed how car companies design their cars.

We want to be connected 24x7, any time, anywhere, and we want to the the same things in our cars as we do at home and in the office. 

With Ford's in-car connectivty system, SYNC, you control the devices you already have. You control most digital music players and Bluetooth-enabled phones from the driver's seat, with both hands on the wheel, using only voice commands.  You can operate your digital music player through the car stereo without touching it, or make calls without even taking your phone out of your pocket.

Does this sound great or what?

What has your experience been as a Ford owner?

Will this really make a difference how we buy our cars?

The Internet is open for your response ...

Can Spam for Cell Phone Spam

June 13, 2008

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