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IP Phones Destroying Planet Earth

February 11, 2008

According to a news release I received, IP phones sold in 2008 will create 47 million kg of waste thus destroying Planet Earth, causing global warming and causing the beginning of the End Times. What I mean is Old Testament, Mr. Mayor, real wrath-of-God type stuff. Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies. Rivers and seas boiling.

Microsoft mashup of SOA and UC (Unified Communications)

February 11, 2008

We all know the big splash Microsoft made in 2007 with the launch of OCS 2007; for instance, check out my review. OCS is the "core" of Microsoft's unified communications strategy for the enterprise. But as we know, the enterprise is no longer an island simply containing a (IP-)PBX and phones. Today, the enterprise is looking to integrate their corporate communications infrastructure with the Web and perhaps more importantly the wireless/mobile world.

I was surfing today when I came across a fascinating post by ZDNet blogger David Greenfield.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1

February 11, 2008

Sony Ericsson just announced the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1. Sony Ericsson has signed a deal with Microsoft to produce a phone using the Windows Mobile operating system. This marks the first time that Sony Ericsson has not used the Symbian operating system.

The deal between Microsoft and Sony Ericsson was revealed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where Sony Ericsson announced the launch of seven new mobile handsets.

One of the coolest new models is the Windows Mobile-based Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, which sports a 3" touch screen similar to Apple's iPhone, a nice 800x400 resolution, 3.2 megapixel camera and a tilt and slide keyboard running on Windown Mobile 6. Sony Ericsson's goal is for the XL to "deliver a seamless blend of mobile web communication and multimedia entertainment."

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 has a slick GUI that they call a panel interface which are shortcuts to various features or web locations.

Intel Silverthorne Back in the Mobile Game

February 6, 2008

Intel has revealed details of Silverthorne at the International Solid State Circuits Conference in San Francisco. Intel's new chip is a tiny 25mm2 and the full package is just 14x13mm2. The small 64-bit multithreaded chip is based on Intel's new 45nm Hi-k low power microarchitecture, and is targetting MIDs or "mobile internet devices". I should point out that Intel abandoned the MID market last year when they sold their XScale ARM division to Maxell Technology Group.

Fring adds P2P mobile phone file sharing

February 5, 2008

Today, mobile VoIP startup Fring added file-swapping to its mobile application. You can send music, videos, or documents from your cell phone to other Fring users or anyone on MSN Messenger through 3G and Edge data networks as well as over WiFi.

Of course, the core of Fring is that it leverages a cell phone's data plan or WiFi connection to make free Internet calls to fellow Fringers and charges for landline and mobile line connections.
Unlike Skype which is limited to communicating on it's own network, Fring also lets you IM people on AIM, Skype, MSN, ICQ, Twitter, Google Talk, Yahoo, or any SIP network. Further, you can even send files to MSN Messenger users and vice-versa.

Another new feature is that Fring's IM now tells you when the remote party is typing. 

Future of SIP to Skype Gateway in Doubt?

February 4, 2008

I have strong disagreements with a guest blog post on Skype Journal that was posted a few days ago titled "A SIP/Skype Gateway Is NOT In The Forecast". I totally disagree that a SIP/Skype gateway isn't in the forecast. I've blogged on a few occasions where I discussed the desire for Skype users to have SIP connectivity. First, let me include an excerpt where the guest blogger, Hudson Barton lays out his argument:
Skype's competitors and critics continually point out that Skype's VOIP architecture is closed and that its API is not adequate for creating a direct connection between the Skype "cloud" and the SIP "cloud".

iPhoneGnome VoIP app for Apple iPhone

February 1, 2008

Today, PhoneGnome launched iPhoneGnome, a new web 2.0 application for the iPhone that enables PhoneGnome calling from your iPhone. You can call other PhoneGnome numbers as well as anyone using SIP-based services, FWD, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, and any other numbers that you can call from your PhoneGnome account. Pretty sweet, eh?

Here are the features according the blog post:
  • Use your iPhone to make calls on your home-phone or office-phone service through your PhoneGnome account
  • Make International calls at cheap PhoneGnome rates - or even free!
  • Check your PhoneGnome voicemail directly on your iPhone
  • Have all your PhoneGnome Contacts conveniently and automatically on your iPhone
  • Place calls to VOIP and IM users without hacking your iPhone

On your iPhone you just browse to on your mobile Safari browser and then dial the number you want to call.

Polycom Kills the Buzz Factor

January 31, 2008

Who hasn’t been on an important conference call and heard the infamous “buzz” sound on the speakerphone caused by cell phone interference. Nextel two-way “push to talk” phones are notorious for causing this “buzz” sound, as well as Blackberries. Still don't know what I'm talking about? Sure you do.

Mig33 mobile VoIP app

January 29, 2008

Mig33 is a mobile instant messaging application running on Java, which means it runs on over 250 mobile phones. It has mobile VoIP service, chat, chatrooms, SMS and instant messaging. Mig33 also works with MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ , AOL, and Google Talk. They claim over 9 million users even with their non-descriptive company name. Sounds like a Russian fighter jet to me.

Anyway, today Mig33 announced closing a Series B funding of $13.5 led by DCM with participation from existing Series A firms Accel, Redpoint and TVP.

WMWifiRouter adds Wi-Fi Connection Sharing to Windows Mobile

January 9, 2008

Windows Mobile users looking to turn their mobile phone into an Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) device need not rely on ICS any more. WMWifiRouter is a piece of amazing freeware software that turns your Windows Mobile phone into a Wi-Fi router, giving any Wi-Fi device access to your cellphone plan's data network. This is similar in concept to the popular Treo DUN (Dial Up Networking) hackjob application, which lets you share you data connection over Bluetooth. Alas, Sprint decided to disable DUN, which required Treo fans to perform the aforementioned hack job.
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