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Ribbit Flash VoIP App Launch

December 7, 2007

Back in September in my Skype Could Trump Facebook in Social Networking post, I talked about how Skype could beat Facebook, but I also discussed how Flash VoIP apps could be a major played in the VoIP space. One company I highlighted was Ribbit:

I recently came across a company called Ribbit that built an application in Flex and which runs on the Flash Player, and therefore doesn't requires a download and supports full telephone capabilities. According to the website, "The RibbitPhone Component will give Rich internet application developers the ability to make and receive calls, record/send and receive voicemail, as well as add and manage contacts."

A cool VoIP application utilizing Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) was created simulating the Apple iPhone UI called the AIR iPhone. Using the AIR iPhone combined with the RibbitPhone component you can make VoIP calls using the simulated iPhone.

Well, word is that they will be unleashing their Developer Platform on December 13th in San Francisco.

Tougher Penalties for Gadget Theft Passed by Senate

December 3, 2007

Tougher penalties for gadget theft was passed by the Senate. Unfortunately, it's the Philippines Senate and not the U.S. Senate. Cuz I'd like that rat bastard that broke into my rental car and stole my nuvi 350 GPS to serve life in prison if they ever catch the guy.

Google Phone Mania

October 31, 2007

There is so much hype and hysteria surrounding the Google Phone that I can't keep up with all the various rumors and speculative articles. There's so much to read and so little time. Fortunately, I have a "proxy" to filter through the noise. Rich has a deep interest in the Google Phone so he's been reading up on all the various articles and making brief summaries of what the experts say the Google Phone will and won't be.

Palringo IM & Push To Talk Mobile Application

October 30, 2007

Palringo is a very cool Instant Messaging program with push-to-talk VoIP functionality that runs on Windows Mobile phones, Symbian phones, and PCs. Palringo allows you to instantly exchange text, photos and vocal IMs with an individual contact or even a group.

The multiple platform support enables you to stay in touch with your contacts whether you are working at your PC or on the go with your mobile phone. Further, Palringo also lets you send photos, vocal messages and exchange text IMs with other IM systems such as AIM, Yahoo!, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, and more. Thus, its excellent IM interoperability ensures you can at least IM other popular IM programs.

The coolest feature in my humble opinion is the push-to-talk (PTT) feature, which lets you instantly VoIP your buddies like a walkie-talkie or a Nextel phone. You can also PTT a group as well, which I can see being very addictive for teenagers -- but also a useful feature for mobile sales teams.

Minimizing network load when routing to Ported Mobile Phone Numbers

October 17, 2007

Tyntec launched their new Voice Network Query service that enables major carriers to route voice calls to mobile phones directly to destination operator, minimizing network load. Now that regulations force the carriers to allow customers to port their mobile phone numbers, this introduces some network traffic issues. Of course, I should mention that you can port your traditional landline phone number to a VoIP provider such as Vonage or Packet8, but that introduces its own series of number portability problems.

in any case, mobile messaging services provider TynTec, announced Voice Network Query, a service which will allow major telecoms carriers to route voice calls to mobile phones directly to their destination network operator. The new service overcomes the issue of onward routing of voice calls to ported mobile numbers, thus reducing the issue of excess network traffic generated by voice calls misrouted due to mobile number portability.

When a mobile user switches network but retains their current phone number, calls have traditionally been routed via the user's former operator's infrastructure, which then routes calls to the operator which now provides service to the customer.

Apple to nuke unlocked iPhones

September 25, 2007

Apparently Steve Jobs has had enough of the hackers unlocking all those iPhones or AT&T got to him, because the next Apple iPhone update will "brick" unlocked iPhones. In a terse statement, Apple said, "Apple has discovered that many of the unauthorized iPhone unlocking programs available on the Internet cause irreparable damage to the iPhone's software, which will likely result in the modified iPhone becoming permanently inoperable when a future Apple-supplied iPhone software update is installed."

Don't you mean unauthorized iPhone programs on the Internet cause unlimited freedom and choice in choosing a wireless carrier? Ok, I get that Apple has an exclusive deal with AT&T in the U.S. and has to try and honor that contract, but c'mon, I have yet to hear of any unlocked iPhone causing "irreparable damage".

snom launches snom m3 IP cordless DECT Phone

September 24, 2007

snom technology AG, developer and manufacturer of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephones, today announced the launch of its new IP DECT phone for VoIP users, the snom m3, which is now available on Amazon. Looking at the product shots, it certainly seems very aesthetically pleasing and is snom's first cordless phone offering. No mention of voicemail functionality, which would make this multi-handset device even more killer. Personally, I hate hosted voicemail since you can't screen the call. Though I do like the ability to play hosted voicemail via a web-browser.

Skype on the Apple iPod touch

September 5, 2007

In my previous Apple iPod touch post I forgot to mention that since the Apple iPod touch supports the same Safari browser as the iPhone, this enables you to run AJAX applications over its built-in Wi-Fi wireless connection. Thus, you can even run a VoIP application such as Skype on the Apple iPod touch using SoonR, the very first Skype for iPhone solution that I broke the news back in July. It leverages AJAX within the Safari browser. Another recent solution is IM+ for Skype, which should also work on the iPod touch.

Sony takes on Apple

September 4, 2007

Sony must be reading my blog, since just last week I suggested Sony take on Apple by offering a universal multi-media device that does gaming, mobile calling, video playback, MP3 music, and GPS navigation. I jokingingly called this hypothetical Sony device the Sony PlayStation Multimedia Video GPS Phone - or Sony PSMVGP for short. I knew Sony would be the perfect company to take on Apple and especially that juggernaut known as the Apple iPhone, when I said, "Sony, an expert in electronics, TV screens, and gaming, is the perfect company to take on the Apple iPhone."

I explained last week, "Sony If Sony were smart, they'd come out with a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) with built-in GPS, GSM cellular service, and wireless Internet functionality. This hypothetical device would blow away the Apple iPhone.

Provia A1 GPS - too cool!

August 27, 2007

The Provia A1 navigator GPS isn't your typical utilitarian GPS that gets your from point A to point B. No siree, Bob! The Provia A1 navigator is more like the iPhone with it's sleek design, 7" touchscreen, and cool 3D graphics. This Provia A1 GPS just begs to be carried around just so you have cool gadget bragging rights. The Provia A1 navigator is from Korea’s HTMS and features a Samsung 800 x 480 resolution widescreen touchscreen 7-inch display.
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