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Nonoh takes on Jajah in cheap mobile calling

August 23, 2007

Nonoh is a new mobile application that lets you make free calls leveraging your browser (PC or mobile phone browser). Unlike Jajah's free worldwide calling option which requires both legs of the call to be registered, Nonoh lets you dial many destinations for free without forcing the remote calling party to register their phone number first.

For instance, Nonoh lets you dial U.S. phone numbers for free while Jajah charges 2 cents per minute when dialing an unregistered phone number.

Also, Nonoh also lets you send cheap text messages using the Nonoh software or use the SMS option in your personal Nonoh pages.

Nonoh has some pretty good rates for calling across the world. enables remote MySpace messages and picture sending

August 23, 2007

MySpace users will find this brand new web-based utility from useful. As MySpacers know, there isn't an easy way to connect to all your MySpace friends when you're on the go away from you PC. With, you can blast out a message to all your friends from your mobile phone. You can even send pictures from a Blackberry device (other mobile phone devices are in the works).

It's useful for quickly organizing a get-together without actually calling each person's phone number (assuming you have it handy in your phone's address book).

Files2Phones + Apple iPhone = Remote Access to your Files

August 14, 2007

1st Works Corp. plans to announce a product for the Apple iPhone that enables remote access to your desktop files from the iPhone. Called Files2Phones, it's a web-based application that displays on an iPhone the contents of files on remote PCs.  Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, AutoCAD drawings - or any files that can be opened on the user's PC can be viewed remotely on the iPhone. Users simply drag and drop the local files into public or private password-protected folders on a Windows PC.

Mundu IM iPhone Edition

August 6, 2007

Ok, so you got "Skype on" with your Apple iPhone (thanks to your truly) but no doubt you're looking for some IM lovin' on your iPhone that works with MSN, Yahoo, AIM, and Google Talk. After all, IM on the Apple iPhone is sorely lacking and SMS is so 2005.

Well, look no further my friends! Tuesday Mundu will officially launch Mundu IM iPhone Edition (beta) which interoperates with Yahoo, MSN, AIM, and Google Talk. I became aware of Mundu last week but was too busy to write about them.

I should mention that there is also FlickIM, which is optimized for the iPhone, but it only works with AOL's AIM service. Meebo is another web-based IM service which works with AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, and MSN. It's drawback is that it was designed for large PC browsers not the iPhone's small screen.

Follow Me on the iPhone using Bluetooth and trixbox

July 18, 2007

Nerd Vittles has a cool recipe for making your Apple iPhone have follow me functionality using a pinch of Bluetooth, a dash of trixbox (an Asterisk-based system), a smidgen of the Linux Bluetooth software toolkit , a dash of a dLink DBT120 Bluetooth Adapter, and oh just pinch me now, this is just so friggin' cool!

The idea is that if you have a business PBX (trixbox), the trixbox system will automatically "sense" when you are in the office and send calls to your usual extension. However, when you leave the office (with your trusty iPhone of course), the system detects (via Blutooth) that you aren't in the office and then trixbox automatically forwards your business calls to your iPhone. Sweet!

Vittles explains it best:
If impressing your friends happens to be your thing, then you'll enjoy watching them all wet their pants today after you show them this little trick.

Truphone wins court injunction against T-Mobile blocking tactics

July 16, 2007

You recall T-Mobile blocking Truphone, right? T-Mobile is notorious for not only blocking Truephone, but also blocking VoIP and third-party text messaging as well. Well, today a judge has instructed T-Mobile (UK) to stop blocking calls to Truphone.  The judge granted a mandatory injunction forcing T-Mobile (UK) Ltd to interconnect with Truphone, which provides a low-cost internet telephony service on mobile phones.

James Tagg, Truphone's chief executive officer, said:
• "The injunction is good news not only for Truphone but for every company trying to develop internet-era services and for every consumer wanting freedom of choice and lower prices.

Jajah on iPhone = Free phone calls

July 16, 2007

Online Web Conferencing via iPhone

July 16, 2007

Today, Genesys will announce the first web conferencing and online meeting application for the Apple iPhone combining conferencing, the ability to view online presentations, application sharing and sending chat messages. It has a slick interface and so far, Genesys is the only compatible conferencing provider to run on the iPhone due to its standards-based AJAX platform. If my mentioning AJAX on the iPhone sounds familiar, it should, since last week I wrote about SoonR, an AJAX application, which enables Skype to run on the Apple iPhone.

In fact, that article caught the attention of Genesys's PR representative since they also happened to previously represent SoonR. The Genesys rep emailed me about the pending Genesys Meeting Center 4.0 announcement, and explained how it brings multimedia "virtual meetings" to the iPhone allowing users to easily join a voice and web meeting using the iPhone's Safari browser.

"Genesys' strategy is always to provide ubiquitous access to virtual meetings regardless of the platform, browser or device you're using," said Denise Persson, EVP Global Marketing of Genesys.

iSoftPhone VoIP App for the iPhone?

July 11, 2007

Ah yes, the hype surrounding the Apple iPhone continues unabated, including my posting about Skype on the iPhone, which was picked up by both Engadget and Gizmodo, topping my referral traffic charts yesterday.

Now it seems XNet wishes to leverage the iPhone hype with their latest iSoftPhone release, which at first glance looks eerily similar to the Apple iPhone. In fact, it looks like it's a VoIP application running on the iPhone. Great Scott! First I discover Skype on the iPhone and now another VoIP app?

Skype on iPhone

July 9, 2007

I recently wrote Skype on the iPhone was not possible. Well, there is a workaround that will enable you to use Skype on the Apple iPhone. Technically, the Skype client still is NOT running on the iPhone, but instead uses a workaround to enable many of the Skype features on the iPhone.

[update: I found another awesome Skype solution besides SoonR, so keep reading!]

4/1/09 - Skype officially launched their own native app, but I'm keeping all the available "Skype options" in this article.

Also, check out this VERY HOT related story which enables Skype over 3G
Skype over 3G on iPhone

Essentially, the workaround is to install SoonR Talk, a AJAX-enabled application. SoonR's AJAX-enabled interface is available now for any mobile phone that can run the Opera Mobile browser version 8.6 and above, as well as Safari, which includes the Apple iPhone.

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