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Office Communications Server 2007 Public Beta Launches

March 26, 2007

Recently I stated that Microsoft would launch the public beta of Office Communications Server 2007 later this month. Well, Microsoft gave me a heads up on the launching of their public beta of Office Communications Server 2007 which is available later today. The Public Beta code for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 + Communicator 2007 (client) will be available for download as of 10AM PDT (1PM EDT). Virtual PC images plus video demos will be available following week, which will allow IT staff to more easily trial OCS 2007 as a "virtual" turnkey solution.

Jaxtr Launches Public Beta

March 19, 2007

Jaxtr tomorrow will launch the public beta (previously a private beta) of their service that brings voice to social networks and blogs. You can now sign up to receive a free jaxtr account that links your mobile or landline phones with your online blog or social networking website. You simply add their jaxtr widget to your online profile or blog, which allows users to hear from callers worldwide while keeping their existing phone numbers private. Jaxtr currently works with many popular social networks and communities, including MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Friendster, Flickr, YouTube, Wikipedia, Craigslist, eBay, LiveJournal, and Blogger.

Sandisk 8GB SDHC Flash Card

March 19, 2007

SanDisk introduced an 8-gigabyte SD High Capacity (SDHC) card—the highest capacity now available in the SD format. The new 8GB SDHC card holds more than 4,000 high-resolution pictures, as many as 2,000 digital songs or up to 15 hours of MPEG 4 video. The 8GB SDHC card will come bundled with a SanDisk MicroMate USB 2.0 reader free of charge. SDHC cards require an SDHC-compatible reader, so providing the USB-based SDHC reader with the card ensures that users will be able to connect the 8GB card to their computers.

Microsoft - Tellme - What does it mean?

March 14, 2007

Microsoft has acquired Tellme Networks, a hosted provider of speech-recognition solutions. I had dinner with some Microsoft reps last night at Tao Restaurant in NYC and asked about the pending Tellme deal, but their lips were sealed and they wouldn't even acknowledge such an acquisition was pending. But I saw right through their poker faces, and with a wink and a smile they changed the subject. I was actually meeting with them to check out a demo of Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 which combines VoIP, presence, and other features for a "unified communications" experience.

Plantronics .Audio <strike>910</strike> 920 headset

March 6, 2007

The Plantronics .Audio 910 (replaced by the new 920) Bluetooth VoIP headset was recently released. It works with Skype and other VoIP softphones, so I'll have to get my hands on one to review. Looking at the Plantronics .Audio 910/920 features, it looks very similar to the Plantronics 510-USB headset I reviewed. Just look at the product photos to the right, including one from my Plantronics 510-USB review.

Exercise to earn free ring tones, videos, MP3 music files

March 5, 2007

Are you a music, ringtone, or Internet video addict, but can't stand going to the gym to exercise? Well, why not use your music & video addiction to your advantage ? Sony Ericsson has a patent on a "rewards / punishment" system that will give you a free ringtone, mp3, or video file if you meet your exercise goals - say 10,000 steps per week, but it will also delete one of your precious files (ringtone, mp3 file, etc.) if you miss your goal. Ouch!

here's an excerpt of the patent:

A wireless communications device includes a motion-detecting device, such as a pedometer, that generates a signal upon detecting the user's motion.

Is a Zune Phone Really a Surprise?

March 2, 2007

Some surprises just don't seem like surprises, do they?

If we are all waiting for the iPhone (well, maybe not all), then why shouldn't Microsoft follow Apple's lead and launch a ZunePhone?

And why shouldn't Microsoft take the same route as Apple again by denying that they are working on a product of the mobile phone type?

So, despite denials from Microsoft about the ZP existence, don't be too surprised if we see that product later this year -- and most likely after the iPhone (just in case there are any cool features that can be "added" to the ZunePhone).

According to this report, Microsoft has filed a whole bunch of patents -- speech enhancement/filtering, an on-screen keyboard, capacitance touch slider, contact display, health monitoring, clamshell form factor and remote control of playback on a remote device.

See Your Mobile Phone as Your Credit Card

February 27, 2007

The iPhone Decision: What's in It for Cisco?

February 26, 2007

Sure you've gotten over the short-lived excitement over the wraggling between Apple and Cisco over the iPhone trademark -- now that this spat has been settled.

But if you think about this some (if you really want to), you have to wonder what the deal was all about.  On the surface, it seems to reverse Apple's longstanding refusal to make its products interoperable with competing devices.

But is that really the case?

ZoiPPE offers free calls to China landlines and mobile phones

February 26, 2007

ZoiPPE, a Hong Kong-based VoIP service provider is offering their users a Chinese New Year gift  - UNLIMITED free calls to China landline and even mobile phones. Often times, calls to mobile phones are more expensive or not covered by any sort of "free" promotions.

Not sure how long the promotion will last, but if you have family/friends in China, then ZoiPPE certainly offers an inexpensive way to call. PC-to-PC calls are free. ZoiPPE claims to be the first with an innovative interface known as Magic Message Square (MMS) which allows users to switch from making PC-to-PC calls to sending instant messaging, SMS, emails or simply calling to a fixed or mobile line.

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