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Cisco sues Apple

January 10, 2007

iPhone: Not All Phone for All People

January 10, 2007

Make no mistake, that Apple iPhone is one great looking product -- would you expect anything less from Apple?

But what's really interested is taking a look past the shiny, attractive exterior and seeing what's inside -- the technology, what it does, what it can do for you. This is sort of the same as getting past how great a car looks to see if it's really the car for you. After all, a car is just four wheels to get you places, and isn't a phone really something to make calls (OK, "communicate") with?

Apple iPhone - more secret than a covert CIA operation

January 10, 2007

Steve Jobs has outdone himself with the successful launch of the Apple iPhone at CES yesterday that continues to cause reverberations and major buzz today. What I would like to know is how Steve Jobs kept the iPhone so secret. In today's day and age where information leaks out faster than the NY Times reveals top secret anti-terrorism government programs -- how was Steve Jobs able to keep the iPhone under wraps?

Apple has been known to sue bloggers that have divulged past Apple secrets, so how did we not see this coming? Sure there were rumors about the iPhone coming out at CES, but there were just as many rumors saying it wasn't going to happen.

Apple iPhone launches

January 9, 2007

The Apple iPhone is a rumor no more - and Apple is even using the name "iPhone" - Cisco's trademark on the term 'iPhone' be damned!

The Apple iPhone measures just 11.6 millimeters thin and includes a 3.5-inch wide touchscreen display with an interesting proximity sensor that turns off the touch screen when it's close to your face so you don't accidentally start clicking on programs, icons, etc. The iPhone is essentially a widescreen iPod and a phone all-in-one.

It comes with 8 GB of storage, Bluetooth, a 2 megapixel camera, and WiFi. It also supports quadband GSM radio with EDGE for high-speed Internet access. Damn, another player in the already crowded smartphone space - there goes my PALM stock!

It actually runs OS X with support iTunes, Google Maps, and Safari browser.

Motorola announces MOTORIZR Z6

January 8, 2007

CNBC Squawk Box says no Apple iPhone

January 8, 2007

MapQuest Navigator for Sprint and Nextel BlackBerry devices

January 5, 2007

MapQuest Navigator is now Available on Sprint and Nextel BlackBerry devices. In addition, MapQuest Mobile v2.5 now enables Finding Places, Customized and Multi-Point Routing Options, Canadian Coverage and more.

MapQuest yesterday announced MapQuest Mobile v2.5, offering a range of new features, including access to MapQuest's 15 million points of interest, multipoint routing, walking directions, customized routing options, and coverage in Canada. MapQuest Mobile, the #1 revenue generating downloadable application in the US1, is available in the US through 12 wireless carriers, and on 250 mobile phones.

In addition, MapQuest Navigator -- the GPS-enabled application featuring text and audio turn-by-turn directions -- is now available from Sprint (NYSE:S) on Sprint and Nextel BlackBerry devices. The downloadable application features an in-car navigation-like system with a moving, full color map display while letting consumers receive phone calls.

Iotum looking for Blackberry users to test their app

January 5, 2007

The iPhone Arrives ... via Cisco

December 18, 2006

While all of us blogged on and on about the union of the iPod and the cell phone into something we all loved to call the iPhone, Cisco has quietly been watching and waiting, not saying a word, even though they filed the trademark application for the name 10 years ago.

Now that they have a real product, the iPhone seems less groovy coming from Cisco (or rather Linksys) than it would have coming from Apple -- even if the technology in each product was comparable.
(Note trad keypad and no wheel, alas ...)

Now that the dust has settled between Cisco and Apple over the iPhone trademark the Apple iPhone has finally arrived and is for sale, go check out some of these hot new iPhone accessories!

No doubt there will be a buying spree and a lot of the iPhones will end up selling for 200% markups on eBay. Might even put the PS3 buying frenzy to shame.

It's amazing what the coolness factor can do ...

Update. It looks like the iPhone has also arrived from Apple themselves. I wrote about their launch here and their how they kept the iPhone top-secret here.

Ringtone Maker: What an Idea!

December 18, 2006

Can you believe ringtones are such a big business?

Well, if you don't want to add a few more bucks to your monthly phone bill for a custom ringtone, then Magix's Ringtone Maker 2 might just be the product for you.

Ringtone Maker 2 lets you personalize your cell phone by creating your own ringtones from music and video hits without paying any subscription or download fees.


With Ringtone Maker 2, you can create as many ringtones as you like on your PC and then transfers them to your cell phone as a realtone or polyphonic ringtone.

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