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Palm GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition for Treo phones

August 15, 2006

Palm Treo smartphone users and GPS enthusiasts rejoice! Palm today announced the Palm GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition, featuring the new TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 software, which is one of the most popular GPS navigation software packages. With the new GPS Navigator installed on your Treo smartphone, you can get voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions to find your destination, including millions of points of interest, including gas stations, restaurants, parks, airports and more. TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 is available today exclusively for Palm's GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition.

The Top Selling U.S. Music Phone: Can You Guess?

August 14, 2006

Everybody loves a Top 10 list -- and we're no exception!

This one comes from Wirefly, "an online leader in one-stop comparison shopping for cell phones and wireless service plans," which recently named the top-selling music phones in the U.S. (Definition: A cell phone that allows users to import MP3 music files or iTunes from their PCs or download them wirelessly from a content provider.

According to Wirefly, the five popular music phones are:

  1. 1. Sony Ericsson Z520a/Z525a/Vieo Phone -- (pictured)
  2. 2.

Mobile SMS enables free VoIP phone calls

August 10, 2006

VoiceOne Communications, a wholly owned subsidiary of VoIP, Inc. announced today that it has added Text Messaging (Mobile SMS) functionality to its just-released beta version of Click4Me.Net. This enables a Web-click calling service that utilizes VoIP technology for free phone-to-phone calling. Click4Me.Net is available for testing on VoiceOne's Virtual Lab at -- an open forum for users to preview, test free of charge, and provide feedback on new IP communications services developed by VoiceOne.

You can connect to a registered Click4Me.Net member by texting "CALL + the member's username" to the Click4Me SMS address and the caller will be automatically connected to the Click4Me member of their choice, free of charge.

More importantly, registered Click4Me members can make free calls to any number by simply texting "CALL + telephone number" to the Click4Me SMS address. In addition, registered Click4Me.Net members also receive FREE 411 (Directory Assistance) from any cell phone by simply texting "CALL 411" or just "411" to the Click4Me SMS address.

Mobile Phones: Who Needs All of Those Features?

August 9, 2006

Toyota's Funny Move onto Mobile Phones

August 9, 2006

Well why not, you may ask?

Accrding to an article from 2-pop eNews, Toyota will be spending more than $10 million to create and promote a comedy series designed specifically for multimedia mobile phones!

(Yes indeed, that is an "m" as in million -- remember when feature films from major motion picture studios cost that much?

Nokia Gets Loud in Mobile Music via Loudeye Buy

August 8, 2006

Another titanic struggle is in the making -- this time in the digital convergence of music and the cell phone.

While we all wait for Apple's mobile phone announcement, the established mobile phone companies are staking out their ground in the mobile music market.

We already know about Verizon Wireless and V Cast (a service provider goes mobile music) and now we have Nokia (a cell phone set manufacturer) countering with its purchase of Loudeye, which has a digital music catalogue of 1.5 million tracks.

LG Goes Chocolate

July 31, 2006

I'd like a pizza with pepperoni and a sprinkle of VoIP and some GPS too

July 25, 2006

Recently, I received an email from a pizza delivery solutions provider seeking my assistance in an interesting application that involves VoIP, GPS coordinates, Bluetooth, and of course pizza. This is not the first time I have linked pizza with VoIP. No siree bob! In fact, my Vonage VoIP line resulted in me getting a cold pizza.

Google Maps adds Traffic Info to mobile phones

July 25, 2006

Microsoft Zune takes on iPod

July 24, 2006

As several news sites have reported, Microsoft plans to release a new music and entertainment player and accompanying software under the "Zune" brand this year to challenge the Apple iPod media player. The latest Apple iPod plays both music and videos with the ability to download TV shows and now even full-fledged movies via iTunes. Microsoft hopes to take some of the 70& marketshare from Apple which has dominated the portable media player market.

The sad thing is, Microsoft could have dominated this market had they minituarized the bulky PocketPC years ago. The PocketPC enjoyed some success, but never really took off.

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