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Palm Treo 700p review

May 14, 2006

Palm's Treo 700p, the heavily anticipated successor to the popular Palm Treo 650, launched on Monday. Speculation and rumors has surrounded the Palm Treo 700p as far as which features it would and would not support. For instance, speculation was running rampant as far as whether Sprint or Verizon would be the exclusive carrier or if both would support it. Let me put one bit of speculation to rest - both Sprint and Verizon will carry the Treo 700p.

Will Ads Fill the Mobile Phone Screen?

May 11, 2006

Expect to see more and more "ad-monetized" mobile games, where advertisers wiil place display or video spots before or after users download popular casual games to their mobile phones.

According to a report in today's MediaPost, a company called Greystripe places pre- or post-roll ads next to casual video games that users can download onto their cell phones. Currently, the network has three major advertisers signed -- Zagat Survey, Modtones, and GPSHopper.

The interface is self-service, and advertisers who have signed up can access the ad-serving system using a Web-based service.

T-Mobile bans VoIP and text messaging

May 10, 2006

T-Mobile U.K. has banned the use of VoIP over its cellular networks. T-Mobile's web 'n' walk plan expressly prohibits such usage right on their website and even states that the company reserves the right to terminate contracts.

Here's the text from the bottom of their site:

Use of Voice over Internet Protocol and Messaging over Internet Protocol is prohibited by T-Mobile. If use of either or both of these services is detected T-Mobile may terminate all contracts with the customer and disconnect any SIM cards and/or web ā€˜nā€™ walk cards from the T-Mobile network.

They're blocking VoIP and messaging over IP? I can't install a simple text messaging client?

Pangean Delivers VoWiFi Push-to-Talk Solution for mobile phones and PDAs

May 10, 2006

Pangean Technologies, a company that makes P2P VoIP software based on the SIP protocol, has announced a new product called Y-Talk. I should mention that I reviewed Pangean's VoIP software in Internet Telephony Magazine as well as in my blog and was impressed with its use of SIP along with multicast technology to broadcast voice over an entire network to multiple endpoints. Y-Talk is based on the same insta-REACT! technology that earned a favorable review from me.

Y-Talk is Pangean's VoIP mobility solution for internal instant communications. It is expected to be officially released at the end of June 2006.

MediaFLO: Let's Get It On

May 2, 2006

Amid all of the large broadcast equipment at last week's NAB Convention, Qualcomm had a large booth, but small equipment, to demonstrate its new MediaFLO System.

Called a comprehensive, end-to-end solution designed specifically to address the inherent challenges of efficiently and cost-effectively distributing mass volumes of high-quality mobile multimedia to wireless subscribers, the NAB demo has surprisingly simple. Touch an icon on your mobile phone to launch the application, view the 20-channel guide (much like the one provided by your cable TV company) and then select a channel. We watched ABC News live on the small phone screen just like we would have watched it on any larger screen.

Planet Funk's Debut Single: Only on Mobile Phones

May 1, 2006

Open-source VoIP softswitch speaks GoogleTalk

April 17, 2006

Freeswitch, an open-source softswitch started earlier this year, leverages open-source software libraries and has recently added support for Google Talk. The codebase now includes Jingle (Jabber XMPP Voice) support with the addition of libDingaLing and mod_dingaling libraries. Jingle is an XMPP based protocol used by GoogleTalk. Using FreeSWITCH you can gateway GoogleTalk to SIP, H.323, or even the Asterisk IAX2 protocol. They also support Sangoma PRI cards and they recently announced support for secure RTP communication.

The libDingaLing library is currently considered to be in Alpha stage, but has been compiled and tested on many computer platforms including Windows XP, Solaris, Linux and MacOS X. The new endpoint module appropriately named "mod_dingaling" couples FreeSWITCH to libDingaLing and allows both inbound and outbound communication thus enabling GoogleTalk to gateway to the PSTN or to other VoIP protocols such as SIP or H.323.

MapQuest Is Coming to a Cell Phone Near You ...

April 12, 2006

Simultaneous WiFi, EVDO, Bluetooth, GSM, VoIP on a cell phone

April 11, 2006

Is simultaneous WiFi, EVDO, Bluetooth, GSM, VoIP on a cell phone just a pipe dream? One of the problems with cellphones today which currently support WiFi, Bluetooth, broadband data (e.g. EVDO), and a cellular wireless voice standard (3G, CDMA, GSM, etc.) is that today's cell phone devices typically only allow either the voice transmission or the data transmission to work, but not both at the same time.

For instance, Sprint's PPC-6700 Windows Mobile 5.0 device allows WiFi and EVDO (data transmission) to be active simultaneously, however if your phone rings (voice transmission), you drop the data transmission. It's one or the other.

Disney Goes Mobile (Phones That Is)

April 7, 2006

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