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Krusell's on the Case

April 7, 2006

Mobile phone cases and PDA cases are big business. After you’ve dropped a few bucks on these gadgets, you need to protect them from scratches, drops and other potential end-of-life occurrences.

You may remember I’ve just moved from a Treo 600 to a Treo 650, but it seems that a lot companies that used to make cases for Palm products have dropped out of this space race.

After a lot research, I opted for a case from Krusell – the Horizontic with Multidap.

VoIP on Treo 650 and Motorola ROKR, SLVR, and RAZR

April 7, 2006

EQO Communications, developer of presence-enabled calling and instant messaging solutions and services, today announced EQO Mobile for Skype on the popular Palm TREO 650 and Motorola ROKR, SLVR, and RAZR handsets. EQO actually has been calling me for the past week to try and give me the news, but I've been preparing for a major upgrade of Movable Type from 2.661 to 3.2, so I neglected to call them back. Rich Tehrani told me their news this morning, so I figured the news was worth sharing. I was one of the first to discuss EQO back in February in a blog post worth checking out.

The announcement was made at the CTIA Wireless 2006 conference, and it brings the number of EQO-supported handset models to more than 45, including some of the most popular devices from Nokia, Motorola, Palm, and Sony-Ericsson.

EQO uses a combination of a phone-resident J2ME client and a presence-enabled Voice-over-IP (VoIP) signaling network to bridge online identity, VoIP calling, and Instant Messaging services to more than 200 million J2ME-capable mobile phone handsets already in use worldwide.

What Do You Get a Girl Who Has Everything?

April 6, 2006

I remember when I was a kid the big thing was to get a stereo in your room and -- if you were really lucky -- your own phone. Now, by “your own phone,” I mean a telephone that was then called an extension phone – it had the same number as your parents’ number. (Forget about getting your own phone number …)

Today, my kids have enough communications devices that getting their own phone in their rooms doesn’t make any sense – they’ve got cell phones, text messaging, email, instant messaging on multiple devices.

Microsoft sells 500,000 Windows Mobile Phones

April 5, 2006

According to the NY Times, Microsoft has won a huge order for their Windows Mobile software - 500,000 handsets to be precise. Is this another nail in the coffin for Blackberry? Certainly seems that way. According to the NY Times article, "Microsoft expects to increase its mobile unit's sales to $1 billion in one to three years, from $337 million last year, and break the dominance of the Research In Motion BlackBerry wireless e-mail device.

BridgePort Networks shows off Dual-mode capability

April 5, 2006

BridgePort Networks
is making some interesting announcments at the CTIA Wireless show. Most importantly they are demonstrating how they leverages SIP and IMS to demonstrate seamless handover based on 'VCC' technical requirements. If you're not familiar with IMS or even if you are, you should subscribe to TMC's newest publication, IMS Magazine which covers IMS exclusively. IMS is going to be a huge driver of VoIP and mobile applications in the next couple of years.

Also at the CTIA show they are introducting a USB MobileSTICK product that turns a laptop into a mobile phone.

WWE Coming To Your Mobile Phones -- Splat!

March 30, 2006

If you’re a fan of the World Wrestling Entertainment, then listen up – “The WWE Mobile Alert" package is coming your way ...

(Before that, check out the visual below for some of the good work that the WWE does in the community ...)

For $3.99 per month, WWE fans will be able to stay connected through alerts delivered directly to their mobile phones through SMS.

Call USRobotics Tech Support using Skype

March 27, 2006

Some pretty cool news from USRobotics that lets you use Skype to directly call their Customer Support infrastructure. This saves USRobotics the cost of the toll-free number and it enables customers to get into the support queue much easier. Considering the "newness" factor of web call through, most call centers will assign a higher priority to inbound VoIP calls or IM sessions. So if you are impatient and want to skip lengthy on-hold times, using Skype could be the answer.

It will be interesting to see if/when a big boy like Microsoft offers web call through for their tech support.

Treo 650 Kills the Blackberry (Maybe ...)

March 23, 2006

Anybody Using Any Blackberry 'Killers'?

March 22, 2006

Now that RIM's Blackberry is back from the dead (no more lawsuit), it will take a true competitor to kill it off, not a patent infringement case.

We have lots of fun with market leaders and wait and see what happens as new products are introduced that challenge their leadership or new trends and technologies steer the market into new and unexpected directions -- directions that these leaders may not have foreseen.

The Blackberry falls into that market leader spot for wireless email devices/cell phones.  Some of the products that compete with it on a feature set basis include the Palm Treo 650, Samsung SGH-d307, Nokia 9300 and the Motorola Q

Anybody care to give some user feedback on these products?

Sprint cell phone + Asterisk@Home = unlimited cell phone minutes

March 22, 2006

Nerd Vittles has a nice "dummy proof" tutorial explaining how to use Asterisk@Home in along with Sprint's plan to get unlimited wireless and unlimited wireline (using broadband VoIP) all for around $68/month. His recipe utilizes Asterisk@Home in combination with Sprints PCS unlimited FREE calls between your Sprint cellphone (or multiple PCS phones if you’re on a shared plan) and your residential phone number regardless of the wireline carrier for an additional $5/month. According to Nerd Vittles, "Here’s the math. A basic Sprint cellphone plan: $35.

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