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Microsoft BetaPlace outage and Exchange ActiveSync MSFP problem

March 14, 2006

I was just on Microsoft BetaPlace downloading the Microsoft Device Emulator 1.0 Community Preview to test Windows Mobile 5.0 with Exchange ActiveSync and the download timed-out at 98%. 2% remaining? Such a tease... I then tried accessing from and it too timed-out.

VCast Update: Let the People Speak

March 14, 2006

Samsung B600 10-Megapixel camera phone

March 9, 2006

Samsung B600 10 Megapixel phone launched at CeBIT. The Samsung B600 is an amazing piece of technology. It has more mexapixels than many high-end single-purpose digital cameras and it doubles as a cell phone. Convergence at its best!

TiVo Mobile - what's the point?

March 8, 2006

TiVo added another remote programming option called TiVo Mobile - a partnership between TiVo and Verizon Wireless that allows subscribers to remotely schedule DVR recordings from their mobile phones. What's the point?

Seriously. TiVo already lets you schedule recordings from your computer with Internet access if you forget to record something. Internet access is pretty ubiquitous, so do you really need the ability to schedule a recording from your cell phone?

AT&T/BellSouth: Will Cingular Get Any Better?

March 6, 2006

Much hubbub yesterday and of course this morning about the AT&T deal to buy BellSouth.

And while these deals are great for the deal brokers and company executives, they have mixed results when it comes to making the winning company any better (let's take HP and Compaq deal, for example).

At the bottom of the pile is the lowly customer, left to wonder if this is going to cost him or her more or less. Or how about making life easier?

Blackberry: Stayin' Alive

March 3, 2006

Blackberry Woes Lead to Treo Nod

March 3, 2006

Yesterday, I wrote about Blackberry's woes (and the pending woes of all of its many users) based on its unsettled lawsuit of its parent, Research in Motion, with NTP.

Well, that situation made it clear to me that the way to go with my next phone was┬ the Treo 650 from Palm, rather than a Blackberry (it was one of those back-and-forth decision-making processes). It also made it easier since I've used a Treo 600 for the past two years. (I really do like having all of my gadgets┬ in an all-in-one device.)

Doing the Blackberry Limbo

March 2, 2006

Unless you don't hear or read┬ any news at all, you've heard about the lawsuit between Research in Motion (RIM), better known as the maker of the Blackberry, and NTP (which you probably never heard of).

NTP is suing RIM for infringing┬ its patents (an all-too frequent computer company situation it seems), but this time the suit has a very real effect.┬  Unless the companies can come to an agreement, non-government Blackberry use will be forced to shut down (unless RIM develops a work-around -- and pretty darn quick).

U.S. District Court Judge James Spender has stated that there is "no escaping that RIM has been found to be infringing NTP's patents," but he has yet to issue a decision in this case.┬  The net effect that Blackberry users are in a netherworld until then, and anyone considering the buying a Blackberry┬ as a mobile phone/PDA, is in limbo.

Nokia/Sanyo To Merge CDMA Phones

February 16, 2006

A Gadget Makes the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

February 14, 2006

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