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LG VX9800 available to Verizon customers

December 12, 2005

Motorola gold RAZR V3i phones

December 8, 2005

Listen to email on your iPod or mobile phone

December 7, 2005

MagneticTime announced their MT1 software that lets you listen to your emails and Word docs on iPods, Cellphones, PDAs & PCs in MP3 format. MagneticTime’s MT1 allows you to listen to your Outlook, Outlook Express & Word documents like 'songs,' since they are automatically converted to MP3 files on your iPod, cellphone, PDA or PC. I couldn't determine whose Text-To-Speech (TTS) algorithm they use when I checked out their website.

How it Works
MT1 automatically creates a new Outlook folder. Once a new email arrives in your inbox, it’s automatically selected & copied to that folder, where it awaits processing and translation to audio.

Converged Mobile VoIP solution

December 6, 2005

Imagine being able to have a converged VoIP & data solution that services your mobile phone, your (mobile) laptop, and your (mobile) PDA with a single VoIP number. Well, today Tatara Systems, a leader in mobile services convergence, announced availability of its Converged Mobile VoIP solution to enable nomadic VoIP services using a subscriber's mobile phone number across any IP network, with the first application as an integrated laptop solution for mobile operators. (Bridgeport Networks does something very similar)

Tatara has entered market trials with major carrier customers marking an industry first where an end-user subscriber is able to maintain their mobile phone number identity to both make and receive VoIP calls across a variety of access networks using converged mobile devices such as laptops. This offering gives mobile operators, both traditional and MVNOs, the opportunity to participate in the growing VoIP market by providing a significantly better, integrated end-user solution than you can get today via a standalone softphone service.

Zultsys Bluetooth conference phone

December 6, 2005

Zultys Technologies today announced the BTC phone, a Bluetooth wireless conference phone that is compatible with its range of SIP IP phones as well as mobile phones. It works with both SIP IP phones and mobile phones? Very cool! According to Zultys's release, "The BTC (Bluetooth Conference Phone) provides unparalleled speech quality and removes clutter from the conference room table."

They claims that the BTC phone is incredibly easy to use, having just three buttons. The phone is paired with any Bluetooth phone such as the Zultys ZIP 4x5 IP phone.

Cingular BroadbandConnect 3G network

December 6, 2005

Cingular has just launched BroadbandConnect, a 3G wireless network that Cingular claims is the largest national high-speed wireless data network. The broadband service will be available to around 35 million people. Cingular, plans to expand the high-speed wireless network throughout 2006. Cingular's 3G network uses HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access), which is a combination of GSM and EDGE (Enhanced Data for GSM Environment).

MMS Podcast to your mobile phone

December 1, 2005

Recently, Tea Vui Huang told me about his new application for Multimedia Messaging (MMS) that creates "bite-size" podcasts for your mobile phone. An MMS message is a multimedia presentation that encompasses images and audio clips. This innovative new telco software converts Enhanced Podcasts into chapters of MMS messages. The MMS podcasts can then be fetched on demand by the user, or pushed to the user on a subscription basis.

Live TV on Motorola RAZR V3c

November 17, 2005

, operator of one of the nation's largest wireless networks, and MobiTV, Inc., an up-and-coming provider in mobile television and digital radio services, will now offer live television broadcasts andmade-for-mobile content to wireless customers starting Monday. Customers can view the broadcasts initially on the new Motorola RAZR V3c, and the service will be available on additional handsets next month. <more...>

I previously wrote about MobiTV and how a friend of mine uses MobiTV to stream to his Treo 650. I'm in the market for a new phone, but will go going the low-end route <sigh> due to some other expenses coming up.

Lost cell phone? Build your own!

November 16, 2005

I lost my cell phone in a cab at Internet Telephony Conference and Expo so I've been meaning to "shop around" for a new one. But with some recent home repairs, a baby on the way (plus purchasing all the baby amenities), have to buy an SUV, etc. etc. I've decided I shouldn't blow $700 on a HP iPAQ hw6515 (left image).

RealNetworks Helix streaming server

November 16, 2005

I don't hear too much from RealNetworks these days, so I was surprised to read that RealNetworks today unveiled its next generation enterprise solution, the Helix Server Unlimited, for wired and now wireless devices. This latest version of the Helix server provides Real's enterprise customers the ability to deliver 3GPP content to a wide variety of multi-media enabled mobile handsets. According to RealNetworks, "Mobile content on the handset have traditionally been focused on entertainment, but for the enterprise market such as corporations, higher education institutions and local governments it is also a valuable informational and educational tool."

I give it 6 months before Microsoft comes out with a similar solution. Perhaps Windows Media Services 10 Series?

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