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Mobile TV via SmartVideo

Mobile TVJust yesterday I ranted about how U.S. cell phone service providers seem to be dragging their feet in providing mobile TV to cell phones' color LCD displays. My theory is that they are afraid of rampant piracy and want to be sure to protect their "copyrighted content" while at the same time providing a means of generating revenue. Heck, TV commercials have existed since the beginning of time, so why not just display TV commercials for your revenue stream? Duh! Stop worring about piracy, P2P sharing, etc. and just give customers what they want. Sure, there will be some piracy, but last I checked iPods are still popular and Apple is making serious dough via iTunes even with the plethora of illegal MP3s often loaded onto iPods. Illegal cable descramblers exist, but I don't see the cable companies not making money on providing cable TV content. DVD piracy exists, but Hollywood is still making a fortune on DVDs. So quit you bitchin' and give us what we want!

Anyway...Ironically, Front & Sullivan shot me off an email regarding the U.S mobile market providing video content to cell phones that I thought I'd share. The screenshot above is an actual screenshot from SmartVideo's site which according to Frost & Sullivan's email won a Frost & Sullivan's 2005 Entrepreneurial Company Award. SmartVideo's mobile video solutions provide exceptional image quality on all existing 2.5g and Edge cellular networks, as well as future 3g networks at a minimum of 15 frames per second. Currently, they feature content from ABC News, CNBC, DIC, Fox Sports, ifilm, NBC Mobile, The Weather Channel and more.

U.S. Mobile Video Services hold a great revenue potential. However, the industry value-chain participants need an entirely new approach when offering these to the mobile subscribers. It is important to gain confidence of content providers through effective Digital Rights Management (DRM) and attractive revenue share agreements.

SmartVideo is proving itself through a unique business model and advanced technology.

SmartVideo technologies offers mobile video services directly to the end-user through the public Internet port. This means that its services are not a part of the mobile operator's portal. This business model allows them to collect all the service revenues, which it otherwise would have to share with the mobile operators and also gives the content providers a larger portion of the revenues.

SmartVideo's syndication rights management tool offers unique rights management capabilities. It allows geography-specific rights management capabilities to content providers, and effectively addresses the major concerns of content providers with respect to DRM. This tool is also one of the first commercial implementations of this feature.

For its keen understanding of the content owners' requirements and concerns and for leveraging its technological expertise to meet these needs, SmartVideo is a deserving recipient of Frost & Sullivan's 2005 Entrepreneurial Company Award in the U.S. mobile video services market.

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