Motorola MPx-Cell phone, PDA, MP3 Player, Camera, all-in-one

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Motorola MPx-Cell phone, PDA, MP3 Player, Camera, all-in-one

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The Motorola MPx is one sweet device! I say device, because it can't be classified in one category, although "cell phone" category is the most critical feature. I guess "smart phone" device is the most applicable.

In any event, this smart phone features a large dual-hinge landscape and portrait color display (2.8” 240x320 TFT touch screen) with a built-in 1.2 megapixel camera, Windows Mobile software (PocketPC apps), a QWERTY keyboard, and continuous connectivity using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. It also supports GSM and GPRS technology for high-speed Internet access when WiFi isn't available.

The MPx is 2.4 inches wide by 3.9 inches long, and about.95 inches thick (61.2 x 99.7 x 24 mm). It will weigh 6.15 ounces (174 g).

It also has a SD/MMC slot allowing up to an impressive 1 GB of add-on memory for PDA applications. That's a lot of games you can load on this puppy! err, I mean business applications. : )

Other feature include:
•Large dual-hinge landscape and portrait color display for an enhanced experience for gaming, as well as viewing streaming video, photos, applications and more
•External color display for selecting MP3 music and more
•One of a kind stylish form factor optimized to consume convergence clutter
•Multi-function QWERTY keyboard for easy text entry and managing e-mail
•Integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology for seamless connectivity with compatible devices
•Multi-Media Messaging Service (MMS) for sending photos, wallpaper, icons, ring tones and more
•IrDA (Infra red) and built-in ActiveSync® protocol to sync with Microsoft Outlook including email, address books, etc.

The Motorola MPx is expected to cost about $930, which is pretty steep. But if you planned on a high-end PocketPC ($500-$700) anyway, a couple extra hundred dollars and you can have this sweet baby!

Check out more details and photos here:
Motorola Motorola MPx

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