My Favorite Disney GPS Coordinates

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My Favorite Disney GPS Coordinates

I promised awhile back (this Disney World blog entry), that I would post some GPS coordinates that I captured while down in Orlando, Florida. Someone trackbacked to my blog entry and reminded me that I hadn't posted the GPS coordinates as promised. Well, the time has come!

Disney World's Mission Space Ride

Before I give the GPS coordinates, check out this video I captured of EPCOT Mission Space. It's a centrifigal spinning ride (causes strong G-forces) with a high-resolution screen that displays the simulated rocket ride to Mars. Amazingly it doesn't feel like you are spinning, but that's probably because you are in an encloded pod and you are told to focus straight ahead on the simulator screen. Those that don't follow these instructions and turn their head to either side often get off with motion sickness and well... let's just say the Disney staff keep a mop handy.
(To Save to Hard Drive, right-click, Save As on this link)

I downloaded the Disney World GPS coordinates from Destinator1 and Microsoft Pocket Streets 2003 programs. It includes stuff like the coordinates of the entrance to Space Mountain, Dumbo, the Haunted Mansion, the new Mickey's Philharmagic, Sammy Duvall Watersports, some rest rooms, and more. I should have mapped out more restrooms and restaurants, but I think my wife would have thrown my iPaq at me!

I then used GPSBabel from SourceForge. This is one nifty utility for converting GPS coordinates from different GPS file types! To quote their website, GPSBabel converts waypoints, tracks, and routes from one format to another, whether that format is a common mapping format like Delorme, Streets and Trips, or even a serial upload or download to a GPS unit such as those from Garmin and Magellan. By flatting the Tower of Babel that the authors of various programs for manipulating GPS data have imposed upon us, it returns to us the ability to freely move our own waypoint data between the programs and hardware we choose to use. GPSBabel runs on Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, and XP plus POSIX OSes such as Linux, UnixWare, OpenServer, Solaris, FreeBSD, and OSX."

Using GPSBabel I've converted the Disney World coordinates to several different types. I didn't know the file extensions for some of them, so I
just made something up similar to the name of the product I was converting to. So just rename the file if need be. You can also convert one of these using GPSBabel as well. I highly recommend it.

If you use my collection of Disney World GPS coordinates let me know if you liked them or if they were useful.
And if you want to copy & host these files on your website, all I ask is that you give me credit and put a link to my blog.
(Note: Make sure to do a right-click, Save As.)

Disney World GPS Coordinates

Microsoft Pocket Streets
Geocaching (LOC)
Garmin-PCX5 (.gar)
Garmin Mapsource
Geocaching Database
Ozi Explorer
Microsoft Streets & Trips
.CSV file (can import into Notepad, Excel, etc.)

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