PalmOne Tungsten E2 Launches

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PalmOne Tungsten E2 Launches

Palm One Tungsten E2 just launched. Thought I'd share the email I got.
Also, here is a summart of the new features of the new PalmOne Tungsten E2:

- The Tungten E2 features a brighter, richer color display.
The new color display – typically 30% brighter than the Tungsten E display – makes it easy to view any document, indoors or out. And with 40% better color saturation, photos and video clips come to life in rich, dazzling color.

- Non-volatile, flash memory.
Now all of your information stays protected – even if you're on the go and don't have time to recharge.

- Bluetooth® wireless technology.
Synchronize with your desktop without wires getting in the way1. Or use your Tungsten E2 handheld with a compatible phone to send email and text messages2. You can even check news headlines on the Web2.

- Better battery life.
The new battery has more longevity, so you don't have slow down when life speeds up. For example, you'll get 10-12 hours of continuous use if you want to listen to your MP3s all day3.

- NEW Documents To Go® 7.0.
View native PowerPoint files (for Mac users, too). Take your important Word and Excel docs with you. And get an intuitive interface that's even easier to use.

- Wi-Fi card compatible.
Turn your Tungsten E2 into a Wi-Fi® enabled device. Get the Wi-Fi Card by palmOne (sold separately) and download the free driver for Tungsten E2 handhelds from Then simply plug the card into the expansion slot to surf the web or check your email at cafes, airports, or at thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots around the world4.

- VersaMail® 2.7.1 email client.
Use Versamail to help stay on top of your email5 – both IMAP and Internet POP accounts. You can download your email to read and compose responses offline. Then, when you're back at your desk, sync with your computer5 and send those responses. Or, use a Bluetooth mobile phone to establish a wireless Internet connection and check your email while mobile, but use the larger handheld screen to read the email and write responses6.

- Photos and videos to go.
Thanks to the new palmOne Media application, you can take digital photos and videos with you, and show them off on the bright color screen. Or pop in the SD memory card from your digital camera, and view them that way. You can even add a photo as wallpaper in the background of your home screen.

- Improved processor.
The faster, more powerful IntelÆ 200MHz XScale ARM-based processor lets you work and play without missing a beat.

- Multi-connector port.
New multi-connector port is compatible with all of the latest power and synchronization cables, such as the cradle kit, travel chargers and car charger.

1Requires a compatible Bluetooth enabled computer.
2Works within wireless service coverage area only and requires compatible GSM mobile phone with Bluetooth wireless technology, data service from a mobile service provider and an ISP, sold separately.
3SD card required for MP3s, sold separately. 10 to 12 hours based on continuous mp3 playback with handheld display On for 10 minutes before switching to battery save mode. Performance will vary depending on headphones used (sold separately), size and type of SD card used, and bit rate of the encoded mp3.
4Wi-Fi access may require additional subscription, software and/or equipment, sold separately.
5Windows only.
6Works within wireless service coverage area only and requires compatible GSM mobile phone with Bluetooth wireless technology, data service from a mobile service provider and an ISP, sold separately.


Meet the new, stylishly designed Tungsten™ E2 handheld from palmOne. With a brighter, richer color screen, it brings your calendar, contacts, documents, presentations, photos and videos to life. And its flash memory keeps all that information safe, even if you don't have time to recharge. There's even built-in Bluetooth® technology for wireless connectivity.

Packed with productivity:

- High resolution, color rich display
- 32MB1 flash memory helps keep your
information safe
- Built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology
- Long battery life
- Edit and create Word, Excel, and
PowerPoint compatible files2
- View Adobe® PDF files3
- View photos and videos, play MP3 files4

1 26MB actual storage capacity.
2 PowerPoint support for Macintosh is view only.
3 PDF files require conversion step.
4 Expansion card required, sold separately.

TO ORDER BY PHONE, CALL 1-800-881-7256

*Free Overnight Shipping only applies to orders to be shipped to a valid address in the United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Offer ends 4/28/2005.

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