Panasonic DVD-LX97 portable DVD player

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Panasonic DVD-LX97 portable DVD player

Panasonic will soon has launched a new portable DVD player called the Panasonic Model DVD-LX97. The Panasonic DVD-LX97 features a wide 9" screen, two headphone jacks, an FM transmitter (to transmit the audio to your car's speakers), 48.5 kHz maximum (Stereo), 21.1 kHz maximum (Mono), DC IN 12V Port (car cigarette adaptor), MP3 and WMA compatible, SD Card compatibility (JPEG/MPEG4), Dolby Digital and DTS Decoder, car mountable bracket for headrests, and more. It has a 9" screen supporting up to 300 lines of resolution. No word on the battery life, but the battery pack looks huge, so here's to hoping the Panasonic DVD-LX97 supports >3 hours of DVD play time so you can watch Lord of the Rings without running out of juice. Amazon has the Panasonic DVD-LX97 for a great price.

UPDATE! I am told it has approximately 10 Hours Playback Time with the Battery Pack.

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