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R2-D2 Webcam & VoIP Phone

R2 D2 Webcam & VoIP phoneI got my Christmas edition of the Sharper Image catalog over the Black Friday/Thanksgiving weekend and saw some cool gadgets. One of my favorites was a 8" tall Star Wars R2-D2 droid that is a roving webcam transmitting real-time video to your computer with the camera atop R2-D2's dome. The video specs include 62 degree viewing angle, 628x582 resolution, and zoom in/out. Also part of the package is a full-scale light-saber that acts as a USB telephone with its built-in microphone.

Star Wars VoIP light saber
Star Wars Light Saber KeypadIt works with Skype and can automatically launch Skype with the 'S' button on the keypad (image right). Using the "Skype Saber" you can drive R2-D2 around, move the camera, take snapshots, and record video. R2-D2 can move forward, backward, left, and right and perform 360 spins. A sensor located on R2-D2's front leg detects desk or table ledges and automatically stops the droid from proceeding. The R2-D2 unit runs on 6 AA batteries and the light saber runs of 2 AA batteries - all batteries are included. This is perfect gift for Christmas for any VoIP & Gadget lovers. Oh wait, that's the name of this blog. Well I'll be damned - better add this to my Christmas list.

It's $380 smackaroos, so if I do get this for Christmas, it'll have to be my "big" gift. Maybe I'll just get a unit for a VoIP & Gadgets blog review. Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket!

In any event, if you want one, or want to give this to a gadget/Skype/VoIP lover, then head on over to Hammacher Schlemmer and buy one.

Oh, and if you think this is cool, check out the Astromech R2-D2 Voice Interactive Droid on Amazon.

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